Salary expectations
By Saku81 • 4 years 7 hours ago.

Hi All

Can someone please tell me what is the good salary in Qatar for a family person with 2 kids? what should I expect if I get job offer and seriously plan to move into Qatar. I and UK citizen and have 14 years of IT Analyst experience.

your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks


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By ahmedaslam97• 4 years 7 hours ago.
Rating: 5/5

25 - 30 K

By Saku81• 4 years 7 hours ago.

Is this including benefits or excluding?

By anonymous• 4 years 7 hours ago.
Rating: 4/5

For me 200K a month, for most people around 25 - 40K all in.

By Saku81• 4 years 6 hours ago.

One of my friend got offer of 24K plus all other benefits e.g. housing,schooling,medical etc. Is this reasonable offer for family person?

By Mandilulur• 4 years 4 hours ago.
Rating: 2/5

Is it more than you are making in the UK? Does it include housing and schooling? Do you want to come? Please know that good schools for the kids are almost impossible to find. 24K plus, plus, plus is OK. I'm not dancing in the streets over it.


By Saku81• 4 years 3 hours ago.
Rating: 2/5

Housing and schooling part of the package apart from salary.

Earning in UK is 30% less than what is being offered in Qatar.

By Mandilulur• 3 years 12 months ago.

Sounds about right if you will be making 30% more than you are making in the UK plus receiving housing and schooling on top of that.


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