salary range of a nurse

can somebody help me find how much a normal salary range of a nurse(ob nurse) thank you very muchInnocent


depends your nationality, work experience and the company/hospital you work for.

what i know Hamad and Al Ahli hospitals do pay better and have better benefits than the private clinics.


you can also try it with QP, they do have their own clinic located at Ras Abu Abuod. 


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ohbee--> oil company prefer a husband sponsored female employee unless they work for a managerial post. and I think chingkay is coming to Doha as business visa(based on her comment in the other thread).


chingkay-->what is your specialization? Can you work as emt/medics? if yes, check out this site and click overseas employment under medical section, you will find an agency that need female filipino nurse urgent to Qatar. I know the company and the workplace, but better not post it here and check out yourself. Good luck!

thanx apple for the advice i was working in ksa as a staff nurse mostly in ob department but we also have a rotation to some clinic im willing to work as a medics but im afraid that i do still unerd go some training likr ACLS,CPR and much more but im willing to under training and im a fast learner thank you can u help too i read that u are a filipina too....thanx

chinkay thanks for the clarification :)



- live your life as simple as you are

- money doesn't create man, but it is the man who created money

- don't do what others say, just listen to them, but do what you feel good

if it would be in Hamad hospital then it should not be less than 5000 or 6000 Q.R ... two years ago they got there a good increment ... don't know about your experience or qualifications but you should not get paid less than that. 


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ill try to tell my relative in qatar to give my cv there,do you have any connection there or any person know hamad that can help me

or just give me any contact

thanx anyway

Just want to give this info which might be of import to those wishing to work in HMC. Universal Staffing Services in Boyle St. in Makati City, is the authorized recruitment agency. They have a website and I think you can submit your CV thru this mode. HMC is continuously hiring staff. I have suggested you apply thru the Phil. agency because local hiring has a lot of downside to it. Good luck!

This would depend on your experience and the position you will get. Most nurses are Senior Staff though, except for some OPD positions. A gross of QRs.5K to 6K is about it for starters. Housing will be provided if you're overseas hire. I think for local hirees there will be an allowance which is not enough owing to the high cost of rent in Qatar. Again, good luck!



 thanx hu wan for some advices but my relatives started to process some papers in qatar and they said if i will apply in philippines it takes 2 to 3 mos thats why they help me like this.....

you think i can find work in qatar with my bussiness visa

thank you very much







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Well, the ball has started to roll. Just proceed with your plans and sprinkle it with lots of prayers. I hope you get what you wished for... Good luck!! :) And you're most welcome!



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do they accept nurs without any hospital experience?

im planning to go to qatar this year with visit visa my sister will sponsor me.

what should i do? thanks

quickwitted04, how can one be a nurse with no hospital experience?? work in the hospital, you must have at least 3 yrs. tertiary experience. But chances are there to work in a private clinics. And make sure that you are licensed from your country coz that is required to obtain a Nursing license in Qatar. Good luck!



Send your CV to

Currently, Hamad Medical Corporation is recruiting nurses from Singapore.

any further updates for nurse application with HMC?

there was a suspension of acceptance for new applicants which was recently declared by HMC which they further told to clear roughly by mid of this year... so is suspension cleared now?

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I do not know of any suspension now? HMC just post a recruitment ads. in our Saturday paper. I believe they are actively looking for health care workers in S'pore.

pls comment guys

anjuraj, tatz wat everyone is doing up there....:(

My wife is a Bsc Nurse and have only 1 year exp. in Amrutha hospital (Amrutha Institute of Medical Sciences). She is in my visa now. Is it possible her to find a good job/Govt. job here in qatar. Please advice!

Paulccherian = she can find a job but maybe in clinics oNly..bcoz. big hosp. and polyclinics required to have 18 months of exp. bcoz thats d requirements in getting license in MOH..

some clinic hire even 1yr of exp but. as a trainee and if she reached d required exp.and if capable to do such certain things the employer will make a letter to be submitted in applyinbg license in MOH...

best of LUCk..

best salary for nurse? if you want come to ISF(lekhwiya)

well,thanx for all the info guys,,,,as of now im in ksa again working in military hospital,,,i did not pursue my luck in qatar lots of bad comments to my other friend regarding visit visa,,,but i still want to go qatar after my contract here .... thanx and god bless,,,

Just check the website of Universal Staffing. It would be much better if you were hired as 'overseas' due to the yearly tickets that you will receive. Salary-wise they are now receiving a competitive amount and all new hirees are given senior grades- 8. HMC is expanding. New hospitals are being built.

I'm just curious. For those who applied from Manila through the local agent, were you asked to pay any placement fee or any commission?

I would be interested to know. PM me if you have something to share.


hi im also a nurse with 3yrs experience here in saudi. I am planning to end my contract this oct and try my luck in qatar. many good comments i heard regarding hamad hosp. Can anybody tell me if it is better to apply in phil. or via local visa in qatar. Bec. i think they are not continously hiring in universal staffing agency in phil. tnx..

5000 - 6000 Riyals?'s not even enough to get a furnished 2 bed room :)

Anyone looking for a job as a Nurse in a manufacturing industry.

Candidates with 4 plus years may apply.. Send resume/cv to

Maam san po kayo work? Mahirap po ba talagang makapasok sa Hamad Hospital?

I would love to work in your company.. I just sent the my cv. Sukran!

None of the above "answers" have anything whatsoever to do with the question. Can someone answer it plainly and objectively?

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