What is the normal work week in Doha?

My husband has been offered a very high paying, management job In Doha and now has a contract to consider. One of the points that seemed strange was that it actually states he will be required to work 48 hrs/week.... 8 hrs/day Sat-Thurs, with only Friday off. Being from the USA salaried employees are used to working more than 8 hrs a day but not being required to work six days a week! Is this a usual requirement for management or just this company?

I've enjoyed reading all the posts that everybody so generously share! thanks!


it depends... the govrnment sector has thursday aftrnoon & friday off.... most of the private companies have friday and saturday off, but a big number of these work more than 8 hours a day... and ther are also places with 8hrs/day with friday off....

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