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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. Company Information

    Good Day Everyone, Any info about this company Root Energy and Engineering - Part of Tadmur Group as an employer, salary paid on time, employer - employee relationship, anything else if you want to share.


  2. Administration Manager

    I'm working for a Well known Japanese Multinational Company having their existence in 42 countries incl. Qatar.

    I've recently joined in as the Administration Manager.

    My visa profession states 'Administrative' in my RP.

  3. Should I take this up?

    Hello All, I got an offer from a shipping logistics company. They are offering QAR29K per month, interest free car loan upto QAR 75K, Furniture allowance QAR 40K, Kids education reimbursed upto 75 pc, annual bonus and medical facilities for self and family.