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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. Gratuity eligibility...

    Hi friends

    Need an opinion from u going on exit from my company and have completed 20months. My question is am eligible for my gratuity amount and ticket fare?? my contract is finishing aftr 2months...

  2. Salary for senior engineer


    I got an offer from QP as a senior enginer with grade 15. They offered me a basic of 24500QR+4000 alowance and free bousing, education,  insurance.  Any idea what salary they will offer for this grade. 

    Also what is the chance that again a cut down in manpower

  3. sales in qatar

    HI ALL,

    I'm from TUNISIA and i have about 4 years exp in sales in my country and i'd like to relocate to QATAR

    could you please inform me about the salary in sales right there, and if there is any allowances or benefits and if its worth it to go or not ? 

  4. Service charge in doha

    Hi everyone,

    I will work as hotel nurse in intercontinental Doha, I was doing the interview via Skype I'm not really sure what they saying about service charge. I know I should ask them again but usually they give it in Doha or not?