Salary and Allowances

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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. bank account for salary

    hi, which bank opens accounts for persons earning a salary of only 3,ooo QAR. I check withs oem banks which said the minimum is 4,ooo QAR.

    Please advise which bank/s are ready to open an account for 3,ooo Qar.


  2. Salary

    Hi all,

    Can anyone share with me the salary range offered by Seashore group for the position of a safety officer with NEBOSH Dip and more than five years experience. If any has had an offer from them preciously in the same role.


  3. How to insure my payment as a promoter?

    For the first time I started working as a promoter in the beginning of October for a medical clinic, the manager said whenever a person comes through my connection to our clinic , I will be paid for it. How to insure my payment? Becuase lots of people ask me about the service and location.

  4. Salary not paid

    My 3MONTHS SALARY IS NOT PAID BY MY MANPOWER SUPPLY COMPANY.if i go to labour department can i get my salary with Noc to work here or they will ask me to go in cancellation of visa?

    Whether they will pay last paid salary or agreement mentioned salary?