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  1. Sidra Admin Post Packages


    does anyone have an idea on what Sidra offers to admin staff. Do they provide child education , housing allowance , medical insurance ,air tickets etc to women on their husband's sponsorship.

    Please let me know 





  2. Salary okay?

    Hi there,

    I have got an interview with Dell tomorrow and I know that the salary package (no accomodation allowance) is around $10,000 - $11,000 per month.


  3. I want to know about gratuity


    I will going to resign my job from my exsiting sponsor. I was working in this company from Sept-2010 onward. 

    If any one know how much the gratuity and other allowance i will get from current sponsor.

    Joining - Sept-2010

    Leaving - Dec-2014

    Salary - 6000/-

  4. Business in Qatar

    hi...i am planing to start business in qatar but the qoustion is planing to start a project...

    If some one have any idea about new project please let me know... 

  5. how much I can expect for accounts/finance

    dear Sir,

    I have 8 years of experience in Dubai and 2 years of experience in East africa in the feild of accounts, finance, commercial jobs.  I on visit in Qatar in search of accounts, finance related job. can any one advise what range of salary and benefits i can expect or ask for .