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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. part time job for teenagers

    Hey people, I'm 17 and finished school last year. Can anyone tell me where I can find part-time work for a few months (any sort- online or off)? Also, I'd like to know if it actually possible for teenagers to work here? Thanks guys

  2. Business Secretary


    I am recently being offered a postion of a Business Secretary in Doha and expected to answer a question what is my Preferred Salary/package. I would appreciate any help about what sould be my best solution.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Allowances.

    Hi i would like to resign from my current company. How the Gratuity will be calculated. Will it be till the date of the Resign letter or Date of letter plus the notification period? Please help..

  4. SAP Consultant Benefits & Salary in Qatar

    I am an Indian National and exploring a job offer & would like to know what are the standard benefits (like housing, car, kids education.., I am not sure what are the normal benefits that are offered to a permanent employee) that a 11 year experience consultant will get in Qatar & how muc