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  1. My bank

    Hello peeps, mornin I would like to ask for enquiry regarding my bank account.

    i was called by a staff from the bank qib to come and close my account with no reason and when I asked, he said its an instruction, what could be the problem need ur opinions or has anybody experience such

  2. 5000 is enough?

    company offered me 5000 nclusive transport and accommodation allowance. I am gonna work in al wakra but i am staying right now at the center of doha. 1st question- is it ok to travel from al wakra to the center of doha everyday? Or do I need to find accommodation there? I don't have a car Btw.

  3. Leave salary and Gratuity

    I am working here in Qatar in a private company since 2.9 years as a Designer.

    When I finish 1 year, compnay change my visa from sister compnay to my present compnay, and the old company cancel.

    And they make a new contract, from when they change to  my present compnay.

  4. 13000QAR all inclusive

    Hi there, i got an offer to work in Qatar. The package they are offering is roughly around 13000QAR including housing & transport allowance. It is enough for me? I am currently single and planning to get married next year. I am wondering if I could save some money.

  5. Financial Advice from the Monkey

    Now about 2 months ago, I recommended Al Meera stocks (MERS) at QR 181.9 and informed that their stock will be up after the end of Ramadan, if you had bought it then or prices below than this, you would have pocketed a good amount (if you sold today).

  6. salery

    hi friends..please can anyone tell me how much salery of sale assistant in qatar duty free...evry one tell me package i wanna know sure how much?and all benefits?and thank you very much

  7. qatar airways sales assistant

    hi brothers and sister,i would like to know how much salery you think for sales assistant in duty free in doha?you think is good idea to move and work there?please help me..all what you know about this from tunisia and i really tired from low salery and hard work for nothing...i wish you