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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. Help Please!!!

    I am a filipino working as a CNC Operator. My 2 year contract ended last week. The problem is my employer won't give my full end of service benefit. My boss said he will only give 14, 21 instead of 21, 21...

  2. Careers

    I'm an electronics engineer, I have 8 years of experience in ATM field service and business management. Currently, I'm a team leader for Diebold repair center in Egypt. Looking for a career in Gulf area. Anyone can help ?
  3. Sidra Offer

    Hello, I received an offer from Sidra Medical and Research Center for an administrator position. The benefits seem pretty good, but this is my first adventure working internationally and i not sure where the offer stands.

  4. CBQ Sadara Banking - Website says different

    I joined CBQ 'New to Qatar' before arriving here and set up my account. I was particularly interested in the Harrods Card and Hilton Card provided by the Sadara service. The website did say the minimum required salary was 4000QAR - it has since changed to 35,000QAR.

  5. Need Advise about cancelation

    my Dear guys.. i need advise please help me, currently im working same company now 4 years working.. but 1 year i was in under my own RP another 3 years under same company RP.. now i want to go cancel from this company my 3 RP already finished..