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  1. Job Offer

    Hi, I''ve been offered for a senior designer position in Qatar. The package seems nice with a salary of 14-15kQAR per month plus housing allowance, medical insurance and free plane ticket per year.

    Do you think I should accept the offer?

  2. entry work visa

    hi all, I rcvd entry visa from my employer where profession showing as Gen. Systems analyst. I m holding masters degree in engineering. Does this profession in visa has in issues especially calling family,loans etc facilities..


  3. job

    I am software engineer with 5+ yrs experience got offer in govt concern. I have been offered salary of 10000+ accommodation+ transport+Elec+ paid leave of 40 days and travel tickets. i am married will it be sufficient for me to survive . How much will be cost of living and how much can i save?
  4. Fresher Salaries

    Hey everyone. I am a recent graduate from one of the top universities in UK in the area of supply chain and logistics. I have been residing in Doha for quite sometime now (around 10yrs).
  5. Registering engineers with MMUP

    Folks Sorry to post here but this is the most active forum :-) can some one who has registered / or has knowledge help me understand MMUP registration for engineers please ? My working sector is information technology as a manager 1) DO people in IT profession have to register ?
  6. Entry visa

    Hi All,

    I am from india.My employer applied for entry visa with my current passport which has single status.

    I am married now. I want that to be updated in the passport .what is the suggested approach.

  7. help me please :)

    help me please..... basic salary for sale asisstant in qatar duty free is evrything he get evry month or there is commision or benefits that mean salary can be high then basic salary?thank you so muchhh