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  1. Salary offer

    I received offer to get  salary with range 14000 to 16000 monthly in addition to medical insurance, annualy leave , annual ticket for me and my wife.... is it good to live in comfortable level and make good saving... please advise

  2. Nursing salary

    I am considering moving to Doha and would hopefully be working in a hospital that included the following : free accommodation (either single, or shared in a group), flights there and back, includes medical and dental insurance, travel allowance, bills - elec / water / internet.

  3. Salary and Livining

    Hi guys....I need to know if 12,000/- per month will be enough to live and to bring my family in future or after the probation period......can anyone tell also a good three stars hotel in Doha with reasonable prices to live in for a while till I find a good flat or Studio.....