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  1. Job Offer

    Hi, I''ve been offered for a senior designer position in Qatar. The package seems nice with a salary of 14-15kQAR per month plus housing allowance, medical insurance and free plane ticket per year.

    Do you think I should accept the offer?

  2. entry work visa

    hi all, I rcvd entry visa from my employer where profession showing as Gen. Systems analyst. I m holding masters degree in engineering. Does this profession in visa has in issues especially calling family,loans etc facilities..


  3. job

    I am software engineer with 5+ yrs experience got offer in govt concern. I have been offered salary of 10000+ accommodation+ transport+Elec+ paid leave of 40 days and travel tickets. i am married will it be sufficient for me to survive . How much will be cost of living and how much can i save?