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  1. I've ever wanted to do was to be comparable

    Balls down decided to enroll in school to get a GED deciding the setup class with children young enough to be your grandchildren decide to find some product some ideas some service but you can provide so that you can begin to create some value for yourself so you can create well by let me tell yo

  2. Salary offer

    I received offer to get  salary with range 14000 to 16000 monthly in addition to medical insurance, annualy leave , annual ticket for me and my wife.... is it good to live in comfortable level and make good saving... please advise

  3. Nursing salary

    I am considering moving to Doha and would hopefully be working in a hospital that included the following : free accommodation (either single, or shared in a group), flights there and back, includes medical and dental insurance, travel allowance, bills - elec / water / internet.

  4. Salary and Livining

    Hi guys....I need to know if 12,000/- per month will be enough to live and to bring my family in future or after the probation period......can anyone tell also a good three stars hotel in Doha with reasonable prices to live in for a while till I find a good flat or Studio.....