Salary and Allowances

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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. Medical benefit

    During the interview I was told that medical benefit would be provided by means of reimbursement of expenses from a government hospital (Hamad). The coverage of this benefit is not clear. Is this something to worry about?  

  2. Administrative Assistant Salary

    For Position - Administrative/ Travel Assistant Job a salary is QAR 1,200 and benefits are accomodation, food, transportation, medical cover, and any other necessary allowances will be provided by the sponsor.

    Can anybody tell me is that a good deal, or something I should not accept?

  3. part time job for teenagers

    Hey people, I'm 17 and finished school last year. Can anyone tell me where I can find part-time work for a few months (any sort- online or off)? Also, I'd like to know if it actually possible for teenagers to work here? Thanks guys

  4. Business Secretary


    I am recently being offered a postion of a Business Secretary in Doha and expected to answer a question what is my Preferred Salary/package. I would appreciate any help about what sould be my best solution.

    Thank you in advance.