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  1. Family of 3 from US job offer help

    Hello everyone.  Thank you for your help.  I'm hoping someone can give me advice on the following offer.  I currently live in the USA in a 3 bedroom house.  I'm a project manager in the Health Care field.

  2. How much should i demand?

    Hi, it's my first time appliying abroad..I am civil engineer with 2.5 years of local experience..I just got a call today from a construction company and they ask me how much do I want for my salary..I said QR 5000 would be the minimum.

  3. Salary for Sales Engineer

    Hi All,

    Warm Greetings to all,... This is my first post, hope it will be nice experience in Qatar Living,..

    I am from India, B.E Mechanical Engineer,.. Having 5years experience in Sales & Marketing.

  4. Company is not paying salary monthly

    Dear all,

    Could anyone tell me what is to be done if we are not getting paid monthly, myself & my friend we both and many others have not yet been paid from January of this year until date.

    What should be done & to whome should we contact to get this resolved.


  5. Need an advice for this offer !!!

    Dear All,

    I just offered from well known Company in Qatar - Alwakra

    The offer details:

    Position: Ass. Warehouse Manager,

    Basic salary: 9000

    Transportation Allowance: 1250

    Housing: Provided

    Traveling: Tickets for me and my family.


  6. Offer

    Hi friends, 

    I have an offer from oil company in Qatar for a senior process engineer position. Monthly Base salary is 25 K Qar and gross including house and transportation is 45K Qar.

  7. Advice please

    I am a qualified teacher, native English speaker and have been offered a position at Newton International School in Doha.