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  1. 4500 qar +

    hello folks

    plz help me out, m offered a 4500 qar salary P/M. Company will provide accomodation and transport, i am 26 and single. plz tell me is it a good salary to start a career in middle east ? will i b able to save some money ?

    (from India)

    thanks in advance.

  2. My bank

    Hello peeps, mornin I would like to ask for enquiry regarding my bank account.

    i was called by a staff from the bank qib to come and close my account with no reason and when I asked, he said its an instruction, what could be the problem need ur opinions or has anybody experience such

  3. 5000 is enough?

    company offered me 5000 nclusive transport and accommodation allowance. I am gonna work in al wakra but i am staying right now at the center of doha. 1st question- is it ok to travel from al wakra to the center of doha everyday? Or do I need to find accommodation there? I don't have a car Btw.