Salary/ Benefits- Logistics manager- Canada citizen

By Jack-L • 6 months 4 weeks ago.

Hi all, wanted to know how much salary and benefit package can a Canadian citizen can get in Qatar.I am Logistics Superv

16 comments Molten Metal • 6 months 4 weeks ago.

RasGas 2015/16 Salary & Accomodation package

By JustR • 7 months 10 hours ago.

Hi everyone, Just received a tentative package offer from RasGas and I am hoping to see if they are any good.

12 comments zackm • 7 months 7 hours ago.

Average Salary Package

By Irfan.Hussain • 7 months 14 hours ago.

Hi friends, What is the average salary package for a QA/QC Engineer with a 4 years experience ( Not GCC ) in a materials

5 comments RCR1218 • 7 months 11 hours ago.

Electrical Engineers salary in Qatar ( Oil and Gas Industries)

By ninjutsu • 7 months 1 day ago.

Hi Forumers, I've been offered to work with Chiyoda almana ( EPCC Contractor for Oil and Gas Industries), I'm not quite

1 comments Recruiter4life • 7 months 1 day ago.

End of Service benefit in qatar

By Jaleed • 7 months 2 days ago.

What is the criteria for End f Service Benefit in Qatar?

2 comments Recruiter4life • 7 months 2 days ago.

no leave pay if you leave the company during probation

By caxel • 7 months 4 days ago.

if you leave a company before end of probation time they don't have to cash out you leave and your leave days are gone w

4 comments acchabaccha • 7 months 4 days ago.

Canadians in Qatar - Tax filing

By QUFac • 7 months 6 days ago.

Hello Canadians, If you are NOT a non-resident of Canada (which means you have to pay taxes to Canada), what proof of in

6 comments QUFac • 7 months 6 days ago.

SAP HCM Solution Architect

By advo • 7 months 1 week ago.

Hi there, I am Australia applying for the said role in Doha for an Oil & Gas company, and wish to seek input and advi

1 comments britexpat • 7 months 1 week ago.

Employing companies

By newqtrschool • 7 months 1 week ago.

Please post in Jobs (Moderator)


More than 7 years Experience Architect Salary...

By Mohiuddinmony • 7 months 1 week ago.

I have more than 7 years experience in architectural field in Bangladesh. I want to know about salary range.



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