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  1. Advise Job offer at QU

    Hi all,

    I just recieved an offer from Qatar University for a non academic.

    I'm actually working in France for an IT company and the University offer me Head of Department position.

    Please let me know your advice regarding the detail of this offer:

  2. Offer from NBK 6500

    Please help me make a wise decision. Am 2 yrs here and Doha and my previous salary was 7000 Qa/mo however are only temporary basis as HR/Executive Assistant. My situation is, my visa is about to expire on 2nd week of August. 2nd, the salary is bit lower than what I was getting before.

  3. Cisco Training and Certification 200-120

    I think you need a meeting room and all that in and it is argued with the budget so it’s really nice to see our support on the sand thanks so much Council on counselor mint thank you I yeah I do I support that the they’re just the I have had a couple mints from people in the county saying that th

  4. banking in qatar

    hii everyone, im moving to qatar shortly. i tumbled upon an advertisement of the commercial bank account for expats.

    it says that i could open an account with them even before travelling to qatar!