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Discussions on salaries and allowances.

  1. Basic salary of Friday.

    I joined my company on 2nd Jan-2015, FRIDAY. My company refused to pay salary of FRIDAY (JOINING DAY ,2nd Jan-2015). They are calculating salary from Saturday (3rd Jan-2015).

    Could I get salary as per QATAR Labor law or not.

  2. Documents required by company while hiring.

    Hello Everyone,  In this forum there are so many experienced people, can somebody answer to my queries please!  While getting hired by a new company from Qatar, what educational and work related documents they ask for? Do I have to provide them all Certificates, for example from Standard X till Grad
  3. Medical benefit

    During the interview I was told that medical benefit would be provided by means of reimbursement of expenses from a government hospital (Hamad). The coverage of this benefit is not clear. Is this something to worry about?  

  4. Administrative Assistant Salary

    For Position - Administrative/ Travel Assistant Job a salary is QAR 1,200 and benefits are accomodation, food, transportation, medical cover, and any other necessary allowances will be provided by the sponsor.

    Can anybody tell me is that a good deal, or something I should not accept?

  5. part time job for teenagers

    Hey people, I'm 17 and finished school last year. Can anyone tell me where I can find part-time work for a few months (any sort- online or off)? Also, I'd like to know if it actually possible for teenagers to work here? Thanks guys