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  1. Entry visa

    Hi All,

    I am from india.My employer applied for entry visa with my current passport which has single status.

    I am married now. I want that to be updated in the passport .what is the suggested approach.

  2. help me please :)

    help me please..... basic salary for sale asisstant in qatar duty free is evrything he get evry month or there is commision or benefits that mean salary can be high then basic salary?thank you so muchhh

  3. Salary advice

    Good Day to all,

    I got Contacted by a company that is currenly working on the new metro project.I was offered 24000 QAR including living , transport and flight expenses. They also offer insurance and 21 working days annual leave as well as end of service gratuity.

  4. Salary question

    I am a cost engineer and I have 6 years experience. I got a job offer from a consultant company. They offered me 25.000 QR (salary + allowance). Is it enough to live and save money ?

  5. New coming to Doha

    One construction company offered me a job. Total salary is 25000 QR (15000 base salary+10000 allowance). I would like to know if it is sufficient for just two person family. By the way I am a cost engineer with 6 years experience. Is my salary ok comparing to my experience ?