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For discussion on restaurants, events, clubs and other social activities.

  1. Tennis buddy

    Hi, I'm a Filipino looking for tennis buddy. I'm only intermediate level (3.0). I wanted to play regularly to improve my skill and have fun. If you're interested or if you know someone, kindly send me private message. Cheers!

  2. Meeting New People

    Asalamualikum to my fellow Muslim members and Hello to my fellow non-muslim members. Im glad about joining this forum as i feel it will be an easier transition for me when I move to Doha. I am 23 years old, Pakistani, but I have lived most my life in U.S.A.

  3. Starting A Fitness Gym

    Hi.. I Dont Know If This Has Been Asked Before Here Or Any Particular Group That I Need To Post This. However, We Are Planning To Start A Fitness Gym... But We Have No Info Or Know How On Whom To Approach Or What All Required To Start One.


    hi guys..

    our group of friends along with our family were planning for a camping night out...

    we had a lot of choices like sealine beach, fuwairet beach, zekreet, al thakira etc..

    like to know which one is better and does anyone have any washrooms around..

  5. Best Seafood buffet restaurent

    Can anyone recommend a good seafood buffet restaurant ?. We prefer food to be non-western style. Prefer Arabic/Indian kinds of food. We are looking for average prices buffet.

    Any recommendation (with the price details) ?.