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For discussion on restaurants, events, clubs and other social activities.

  1. Private pool for overnight rent

    My friends and i are looking for any private pool for rent. Pool with villas is a plus.. we are approximately 6 to 8 person. Please suggest if you know any.. Many thanks

  2. Loan & Credit card in Qatar

    I have taken a loan from a local bank in qatar.I paid for almost two years and i went for a vacation.By unplan I sayed there for six month.Just arrived in Doha.No salary trasfer since 7months.I hope there will be a case agains me.My quotion is police will catch me?Can I renew my visa now?I will p

  3. RPG - D&d

    Hi All,

    I am new to Qatar, and just wondering if there are any D&D groups, or people that get together and play on a semi-regular basis. I would be interesed in playing


  4. Spurs Fans?

    I arrived from North London 3 weeks ago and wondered if we have any Spurs supporters in Doha? If so, does anyone fancy meeting up to watch the games and potentially create an official spurs supporters club here in Qatar!