Nassayem: a new restaurant serving authentic Qatari cuisine

By QL Team • 1 day 22 hours ago.

Text by Mariam Mahsud, photos by Camille TindoganNassayem Qatar offers a unique culinary experience, blending traditiona


Here is a little about Qatar’s ‘thobe economics’

By ShabebAlRumaihi • 2 days 22 hours ago.

Have you ever wondered how much money Qataris spend on their traditional thobes?The thobe is a traditional uniform that

8 comments basilarahim • 2 days 19 hours ago.

Are expats women safe in qatar ???

By ann arun • 4 days 13 hours ago.

Hii all Recently i hve seen an article in a site named "salam qatar ".The article is about extramarital sex .The expats

1 comments britexpat • 4 days 9 hours ago.

Valentine's Day vs Sports Day! What have you celebrate?

By shahadat.hossain • 1 week 1 day ago.

Last day it was a holiday. I was kidding with my mom saying it is due to Valentine’s day!

3 comments kashifwyne • 1 week 1 day ago.

The Mystery of Zubara...

By ShabebAlRumaihi • 1 week 1 day ago.

“The destruction of Basra is the development of Al Zubara.” This classical Arab proverb describes a widely known analogy

5 comments Molten Metal • 1 week 1 day ago.

Qatar isn’t Las Vegas!

By ShabebAlRumaihi • 1 week 5 days ago.

I strongly believe that when it comes to young adults in Qatar. censorship should be abolished.

14 comments britexpat • 1 week 5 days ago.

The role of festivals in reshaping our culture in Qatar

By ShabebAlRumaihi • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Spring season is an exciting time of the year for the community in Qatar.


tarneeb or card games

By thahir009 • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

I know everyone is busy, but why dont we make a group and play some card games in weekend



By sssbest • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

If anybody knows any public library which are open nowadays to do some private studies?


What I learned during my three-month stint with the Qatari Army…

By ShabebAlRumaihi • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

I joined Qatar’s mandatory National Service programme in October 2016 and never got a chance to write much since then.

4 comments britexpat • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

Here are some fun things to rent in Qatar

By shereendsouzaqsg • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

Tired of doing everyday things? We give you a few ideas of fun and adventurous things you can do for a day in Qatar.

6 comments britexpat • 3 months 4 weeks ago.

Looking for friends

By tariq004 • 3 weeks 3 days ago.

Hello everyone! Em new here and em looking for Pakistani friends living in ar-rayyan/Doha.

5 comments Molten Metal • 3 weeks 2 days ago.

Intermediate level tennis player searching for a group or individual

By ChesterPollocks • 3 weeks 4 days ago.

to play tennis with. Please email on or message me on whats app +974 3369 4865


Chinese Language

By nisaraag • 4 weeks 1 day ago.

I know English and Urdu languages and now interested to learn Chinese language.


which bottled water is best in Qatar need a opinion .........?

By lawa • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

I am looking for public opinion for mineral water which most suitable in Qatar

7 comments acchabaccha • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Here are some of the best classic cars that were on sale on Qatar Living in 2016

By QLReporter • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

Who wouldn’t love to invest in a set of new wheels?

10 comments britexpat • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

Anyone interested in playing volleyball?

By amadtr • 1 month 4 weeks ago.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a group for volleyball players.

3 comments amadtr • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

8 Tips to perfecting your homemade cookies

By Qatareatz • 2 months 3 days ago.

Do your homemade cookies come out hard? Too soft? Too sweet? Dry up the next day?

1 comments muad-db • 2 months 3 days ago.

Where to spend the day on Qatar National Day?

By shereendsouzaqsg • 2 months 2 weeks ago.

In case you are wonder what to do on Qatar National Day on Sunday, 18th December 2016, this might be the perfect opportu

7 comments muad-db • 2 months 2 weeks ago.

Exhibition cricket match Doha vs rest of the world 16 December

By IanS • 2 months 2 weeks ago.

Can any tell me what time the cricket match on the 16th of december will start. Tks Mr Ian



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