Aikido Training

since i came here, i was looking for an aikido do to continue my training.
back when i was in leb, i finished my black belt level (shodan) and then i decided to come to qatar.
i dont want to loose my skills so i looked for a good dojo but couldnt find any!
however people have been saying that i need to teach here instead of looking for a dojo.


I have searched on this site for Aikido, with results.

Just put it in the search box and I am sure you will find something.

I haven't trained for about 8 years now.

But I recommend it to anyone of sound mind who wants to be good and feel good.

Let us know how, you get on.

I may even drag my fat behind out to train with you.


the problem in qatar that in training you can barely touch you opponent just for not inflicting harm to him or something.

how can anyone practice aikido under such a law!!!

if you can get couple of pple together and find us a place, i may give some lessons here and their just to stay in the mood of aikido.

the problem in qatar that in training you can barely touch you opponent just for not inflicting harm to him or something.

how can anyone practice aikido under such a law!!!

if you can get couple of pple together and find us a place, i may give some lessons here and their just to stay in the mood of aikido.

Seriously my recommendation would be to commence decent training lessons out here...

Even i tried enquiring about Martial Arts out here but couldnt find any....

i just found a place called the karate academy.

i gave it a call and they have a philipino sensei. 5th dan.

it will cost 800 riyal/3 month.

i still have to check it personally just to find out if he's good or a just w woussss.

Thats great .. Lets see But i need to find time for myself too... Thats the problem... Anyways hope for the best.. Whats Tel No and address?

Weekend evengs will be preferable.

How about you? Can you find time to adjust with work?

There is a dojo behind Jarir bookstore

I'll be moving to doha 2nd quarter this year. Hope to continue my practice in aikido there.

do you practice the traditional hombu stlye?

vkr vkr

YouYou can contact Indian cultural centre or skills development center in Doha. They are giving most authenticated training in Martial arts in entire Qatar

Onagai Shimasu

I'm moving to Doha in June

and looking for a dojo to organize Aikido classes. Have been practicing Aikido in Aikikai style since 1993 and have Sandan.

I am looking for fitness training that is more than just going to a gym and sweating. I'm 46 and it's probably time for me to start worrying about my overall health...better late than never, I suppose. I know very little about any martial arts but I like the concept of improving mind and body together.

Maybe that sounds flaky but I am looking for lifestyle fitness more than just exercise.

I have little interest in offensive martial arts, (kicking, blows, etc). I find throws, holds, defence, pressure points type things more appealing.

I have google searched quite a bit but there are so many styles of the various disciplines that it is difficult to know what is what.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice.

Pal you better go walk for 2 hours on Corniche starting 8pm. 2 rounds ok will be perfect cardio at this age is must. :) enjoy stay healthy and get smart and get married again :P


siyavush are you a shodan level.

i may join you if you started giving classes specially that my style is aikika.

in one condition, you wont price your classes like the ones in qatar.

you need to be like rich or something to join.

Hello Asamarji

I got my Sanda (3dan) 2 yrs ago. My Sensei has got 5th Dan. I have a Martial Arts club in Azerbaijan recognized and supported by Aikikai Head Quarters.

I haven't even arrived in Doha yet, supposed to be there 1st of June.

I won't price you at all. All I would like to do is to organize free classes, provided that there is a group of interested people and a dojo available. All payments will only be for the dojo rentals.

I'm not rich, but self sufficient

There is the Jorean Tae Kwon Do Centre. The Master is 7th Dan, a former world champion, and teaches the military. He is also the coach of the Qatari national team and former Korean national coach. The Master is sometimes selective about students, but I reccommend a try.

There is also another called the Falcon Centre, I dont know much about it but apparently has quite a big attendance and is well suited for juniors.

Asamari, Akidio is for girls.


Aikido will be perfect for you.

I used to train with a lady of 76 and although she was no Bruce Lee she definately had the ki that Aikido will give you.

It is also intelligent, you will experience things and do things you didn't know was possible.

If you want to learn self defence then I reccomend you suplement it with something more direct and simple.

I will be bringing my Gi with me so I might see you there.

It dun't really matter.

I used to practice Taekwondo. At that time it was a very tough Martial Art - almost as tough as Kokshin Karate. After it became an Olympic discipline the Martial Art turned into a Dance with touching kicks and yells.

Agree, some Aikido schools(especialy europian) take the exterior picture and have just a little content.

I myself have had that experience - not the best to be honest. But -

If you met the girls that have been practicing in our school...

Judging by the responses here, I think you would find many people interested, myself included.

By all means Joe.

Just need to find a suitable dojo with a suitable rental fee for an hour and half session three times a week. Don't think should be a big trouble in Doha.


and we can all pitch in in the rent.

i may even help in training or so.

for beginners

Hello my name is samer. i have been practicing aikido for 6 year, i have been looking all around for a place to practice. Consider me in if you will start a class, if OK with you!

Domo Arigato

Please can you share the information (the address)of where they are training aikido for 800Qr per month,

thank you very much indeed

I m ready to pitch in too provided the training is for QR 100. I m interested too asamrji Everywhere i enquired the fees is about 350 bucks. So if we r willing to share then definitely i am in...

hello, can you tell me please where you found 350 bucks place. thank you very much indeed

guys trust me, being a sensei i knowa good training when i see it.this place in doha where they teach aikido is really bullshit.its kids play, its yoga more then real aikido.

what i suggest is to their and rent the place for like 2 or 3 sessions/month and conduct the training ourself for free and wutever the rent is we will just share.

again aikido is not about making money, aikido is a discipline and love and sharing the knowledge.

i am currently a shodan, if their is anyone here with a higher degree, he can conduct the training or we call all pitch in,


agree with Asamarji,

anyway, you can find it out by comparison, so as soon as we start, all participants will have a chance to go around and pick what is more suitable for them.

I can commence from the month of July for sure.

if anyone with the right contact to get that dojo for like 3 times a week that will be great!


Are any of you people able to assist with the self defence thread?

Please read it and see what you can do.

If you can show there ladies some escapes at lease it will be a start.

Please read the thread, it is called Self Defence.

Many Thanks.

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It dun't really matter.

Frank is the sensei teaching aikido in karate academy, he's amazing and he has some advanced student he's been teaching for a while now. call him and ask him for details 5877427.

rex rex

when and where will be the start of aikido training?

i'm very much willing to join your session. please let me know.


hey guys, suggest we meet together for introduction and discuss the matter. I'm new in Doha, so somebody please propose a good place for such a meeting.

Hi guys,

This looks interesting. I can't say I'm very good in martial arts myself but I love the training it gives. I've been practicing some Karate and Nin'Jutsu.

I was wondering how "hard" the Aikido class will be? Personally I prefer full contact with gloves and leg protectors. Will it be anything like that?

akido doesnt have gloves!

So I suppose there is little use of fists and legs as it's similar to Judo then. Unfortunately not really that interesting then...

And a bit painfull when you get your fists twisted and for your back when your get thrown - not like in Judo at all.

That might be so, but I'm more after a martial art where you actually get hit and learn how to fight. Being able to throw your opponent is well and good (and I like that as well) but I'm after something a bit rougher. Now please don't think that I don't believe Aikido doesn't teach you how to fight, it's just not my styel.

Perhaps Taekwondo would be more to my tastes?

trust me it couldnt get any rougher than this.

the very first thing they teach you in aikido like in day one is how to break a guys arm in 3 diff locations in less then 2 sec.

their is a reason y they dont have fights in aikido.

if 100% of the moves contains lethal blows or like serious serious damage.

if you enjoy being hit and hurt aikido is the best place cz ull be hited so hard you will propably pass out a bit."happened to me".

plus we dont follow this being hit and then hit back. we follow avoid the hit and then kill em


I've got a local mobile phone, so if you could contact me for conversation, please: 5354838

hey man

i tried calling you with no reply.

A good workout for me is when I can wear my gloves and hit the person sparring with me. Throws and locks are good, but I prefer sparring matches so that I learn how to fight properly.

You learn faster from sparring, it's really good exercise and when you do something wrong you'll feel it.

Of course this seems to go for Aikido as well, but in a slightly different way =)

Asamarji, can you give me your mobile, or call me from your mobile, so I can call back. There was a call from a land line and I called back with no answer.

my number is 6552921

Ok guys,we have the following proposal:

Venue - Karate Academy - at Ramada

Days - Saturday, Monday & Wednesday from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The rental fee - 1200 QR per month,

so the more people come in, the less price will be for each of us.

I'm looking for maximum 10 students as the Dojo is small.

We also have an aditional day on Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

The price is still to be discussed.

I will come back on Monday for more details

Any other proposals are welcome.

hey guys,

i have met siyavush on friday and disscussed this face to face.

if you are serious about joining this is a good time to step up and do something about it.

we are looking for serious people here.

lets get this moving.

siyavush thanks for the PM, count me in....i'll monitor this post from time to time

Dear Aikido fans and players,

thx to sensei siyavush we now have a place to play aikido.

the training will start on this friday and its gonna be sheap as hell. again we are not trying to make money so wutever renting the dojo cost, we will divide between us.

for serious guys please PM me for details or PM sensei siyavush.


OK guys,

starting this Friday from 4pm to 6pm. We have 500 QR payment, so anybody coming will have to pay about 150 Qr per month or less, if more coming.

Asamarji, let's kick it off. Action creates reaction.

Anybody is welcome to come and see.

Also we have been promised some more time slots in nearest future, let's start from one training day per week and then we'll see.

My mobile is 5354838, the gym is called Karate Academy, which is located not far from Jarir Store in Ramada.

OK, Aikido funs.

It seems that everyone was busy on Friday - no turns up, except for one to say hello. Could you please let me know who is coming to the next session before Thursday 28 June, as the dojo does not normally run on Fridays, and these sessions are set exlusively for us, it means the dojo keeper has to come earlier to get the AC system running to prepare the dojo for us. So, I need to inform the guy in advance.

Hi guys i am willing to join Let me know the timings and the venue.

My cell no is . I am willing to join for learning this art. I am interested Guys do let me know on my cell 5411237. I dont want to be left out guys

me and my friend are 2 here 100%. canceled all plans for next friday.

Ok asamrji I enquired with Karate Academy, The tutor is excellent He is a japanese Sensei lets organise ourselves into batches and the timings as Weekend batches so that cost comes down to 150 Qrs only.

I am a novice in this art want to learn from scratch. Where can we meet to schedule our timings. Give me ur cell no.

we already found a sensei that will give us clases.his a kick ass sensei. the real deal.

karate academy with their own sensei will cost tones of money i already checked.

weve managed to rent the dojo.

class is in karate academe on frinday 4:00 6:00

be their.

my mobile is 6552921

Onegai Shimasu.

Dear Mr. Ninjutsu. I appreciate your wish to learn Martial Arts as in origin without a sport content and I do understand it, as I'm practicing Aikido, which does not have any competition. The reason for that is Aikido do not have any limits in application of any techniques, therefore it would be very dangerous to carry out an Aikido turnament, it would end up with somebody's serious injury or even death. The style I practice is strictly japanese and does not have a "soften" european influence, as our instructor's sensei lived in Turkey for 5 yrs and taught many turkish aikidoka and brought them up to level of 5th Dan. I would like to invite you to one of our classes and I'm confident, you'll like it. It is a variety of hand to hand and weapon techniques, not as much as ninjutsu of course, but all strictly practical. Jus follow our previous correspondence and you'll get all info related to the subject.

Good luck

It would seem as though the thread has gone abit off kilter, but I thought I would ask this question anyway. I want to start aikido classes. I'm pretty much a beginner. I did it for about 4 yrs when I was like 11, so I've pretty much forgotten everything. Was there a consensus on a good dojo to go to?

We have already been practicing for 2 and half months on Fridays from 4 to 6 pm at the Karate Academy, which is behind Jarir Bookstore.

The payment is 100 QR per person per month. The more people are in, the less will the monthly payment be.

I am from India.. trained shorin ryu and completed yellow.. want to learn more. Happened to see this page.. Feeling happy that there is some place to get trained well. Will be coming to doha by october 4th. I want to know is aikido same as shorin ryu..

Hello Jithu. In Ramadan our classes are shortened to 1 hr, but for those who wish to continue self practice the gym is available for another hour. You can join us on your arrival, just call my mobile 5354838 and I will explain how to get to the gym.

I am looking to learn aikido it has always interested me, i trained hardcore in competition style tkd for 2 years, but haven't trained in about 4 years. got busy with school and life. and am looking for a more pratical artform to learn.

but i have tons of free time on my hands now, i am a house husband, and i am very serious about training. and sounds like your guys setup is one that is focused on developing skills, and teaching and not getting shelling out money and buying your way to black belt in a year ( I have seen that happen).

anyway who would I contact about joining, and what gear do i need to get setup, GI any padding

Hello there, I'm beginning new classes in morning time from 10:00 till 11:00, as I'm busy working in night time. The classes will be carried out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Only for those seriously wishing to learn Aikido - no time wasters please. Those interested please write to me or call my mobile 5354838.


Those who are interested in Friday classes from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm please e'mail or call me.


We are starting the first session this Friday 14.03.08. Those interested may come and join us in Karate Academy.


Do you have any evening classes during the week?

Where is the Karate Academy?

I used to have a brown belt in Shotokan and a green in wadario. I also did Aikido for a while. Right now I am more than serious about learning as I am fast turning into a tub of lard, however morning classes are out of the question.


hope to be hearing from you


Unfortunately I'm working nights, so not available evenings.


You can join us on Fridays, though, see the posting above.


The Karate Academy is not far away from Jarir Store. You can call the person who runs that dojo and he will guide you. His name is Farouq and his mobile is : 522 0806. His gone on vacation for a few days, so give it another week and then get in touch with him


Good luck.


I'm back from vacation. The classes will be carried out on Fridays 1:30 till 3:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 till 11:30 in Karate Academy. Any questions, call my mobile 5354838.


In Karate Academy, we practice a form of Combat Aikido, known as Tapondo, it was developed in the Philippines in the 70’s, The main difference to traditional aikido is that the striking attacks are a lot faster and have more intent (i.e. on target & not holding much back, especially during grading and at the higher belt levels,). In randori we practice more types of attacks, such as Boxing (attacker wearing gloves), Stick (Arnis stick), kicking & also using weapons such as knife. The techniques are applied in a similar, perhaps more direct then traditional aikido. It is somehow similar to the Shodokan Aikido. In Combat Aikido, there are elements of other martial arts (Arnis, jujitsu etc..) but the core stuff is Aikido, In addition, we don’t initiate the attack or attack back, just defend, we are not going to the full extent of MMA.

We practice every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9 to 10.30 pm, some of the player at the class have other martial arts background (Kickboxing, Aikikai Aikido, Arnis, BJJ, Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin kaikan Karate, Judo, and kalintaw).

Aikido is the way of harmony and there is no combat in there. Our style is more on the aggressive side, however, the atmosphere is friendly and every one is welcomed to join. You could come and observe for a couple of classes, perhaps join us for a class (it can be arranged without a charge).

This post was written in reply to some of the comments above, this is in no way a commercial ad, most of us were recommended to join by friends, and the teaching is never commercialized, we just love to practice, and any one who joins will feel the family sprit.

Kind regards,


I would just like to ask about aikido classes. Are there any good senseis in Doha? If so what are the class fees? What is the difference between the styles available?

My age is 35 and i am overweight. Would that be an obstacle?



Can somebody tell me what is the practice time now or after eid holiday, please?

Any number I could call? Tried 5354838 number without success.

My number 5715993.

I interest to join.


we still continue practicing in Karate Academy on Fridays and Saturdays from 1:30 till 3:00. The gym is located not far from Ramada Hotel, so if you are interested you can join us. I will be back to Doha in 25th September, so you can call my mobile 535 4838 for details.

Good luck.

If you would be interested in Yoshinkan Aikido, I am searching for a place and hold classes. I have moved here from America and was the head instructor of the New York Yoshinkan Aikido dojo.

If you are interested in Yoshinkan Aikido, I am looking for space to teach classes. I recently moved here from the US and am former Head Instructor of the NY Yoshinkan Aikido dojo.

If you are interested in Yoshinkan Aikido, I am looking for space to teach classes. I recently moved here from the US and am former Head Instructor of the NY Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo.

If you are interested in Yoshinkan Aikido, I am looking for space to teach classes. I have recently moved here from the US and am former Head Instructor of the New York Yoshinkan Aikido dojo.

If you are interested in Yoshinkan Aikido, I am looking for space to teach classes. I have recently move here from the US and am former Head Instructor of the NY Yoshinkan Aikido dojo.

im interested in aikido.... but how much?

Hello , classes have started at the Jassim Bin Hammad School which is located not far from the TV R/A. Mon,Wed&Sat evenings 8-9:30 pm. The only fees would be testings fees, which would vary depending on test level. Uniforms would be needed and as of now, I'm not to sure where to buy locally.

Onegai Shimas

Aikido masters and students. I'd like to propose a seminar organized for all aikido practicioners available in Qatar to join and those having 2 dan level and higher to share their experience in Aikido in all styles. I think it is also worth meeting each other, as it is normal practice in Aikido world wide. Each master will show his own program, so please advise your thoughts and feelings about it. As long as everyone agrees to participate we will discuss further details of place and time. Please share this message with all Aikidoka you know.

Domo arigato gozaimas.

Hello everyone, I may have found a location near Ramada that will allow us to train in Aikido (Yoshinkan style) and am looking for feedback from anyone that may be interested.


Yoshinkan Aikido classes are now at the falcon Academy, behind Ramada, on Sunday,Tuesday & Thursday evening 8-9:30 pm

count me in siyavush. i like to join in your class. can you tell me what time and where is your class and how much is the fee? i was suppose to join sensei frank in karate academy but i have a conflict in my schedule. plss give me some info. thanks a lot.

are you guys teaching aikido to beginners or more advanced aikido enthusiasts?

excellent would love to join,

I suggest you call my mobile 5354838 after 20th May for more details - I'm out of country now. Our classes are carried out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 7 to 9:00 pm.

I know that the diplomatic club will start to have aikido sessions by June 1, call the club and inquire from their recreation department

Everybody sees how you seem, however, only a few know who you are.

My name is Joe. I am the former head instructor of the New York Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo in NYC. I am speaking to the powers that be to start classes at the Diplomatic Club but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. I am teaching at the Falcon Academy on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday evening 8-9:30 pm. I am looking to also start womens only Aikido classes and childrens classes, so please spread the word. I am a Nidan in Yoshinkan Aikido and hold the rank of Menkyo in Miyama Ryu Jujutsu. Feel free to google both. I am a retired NYC Police Detective and former US Marine. Classes in the US have been focused on those in the Law Enforcement or Security arena but have also included those that are not. Feel free to pass by and take a free class.

Yoshinkan Aikido classes are now being held at the Sheraton Hotel Fitness Center on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evening 7-8:30 pm. All those interested, visit us on any evening to view a class or contact the fitness center front desk for more information.

We have established classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 19:00 in Al Jazeera 2 compound near Landmark. My mobile remains the same - 5354838

hi yall i want to learn aikedo but i dont kno where to go but i do wana learn so HELP. thats my no.6114774 plz call

Have been following ur posts and am surely intrested in joining you guys to train in the art of Aikido. I am totally new here in Doha so am not pretty aware of the location. Could you tell me how exactly to get to the place...!/group.php?gid=117915464893296&ref=ts

and search the same in youtube (Aykikan club Qatar Aikido)

Hello I am seriously interested in Aikido ... but time does not suite for me i can free from 9 pm only or early morning till 8 am.

I am from Nepal...

I am black belt in IMAA and Tae Kown Do (WTF)

It is not enough for me, I am serious about Aikido training too...

AIKIKAN Martial Arts Club invites all Aikido fans to join a seminar on introduction of AIKIKAN style of Aikido.

The seminar is going to be held in Al Sadd club Gym at Gate 1, this Friday 10th May from 8:45am till 10:45.

The entry fee is 50QR. Please call 55354838 for more details.

Visit our facebook page at Aikikan Aikido Style

is there any martial arts classe in near of ain khalid compound ..pls let me knw email

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