Those non arabic speaking candidates interested in learning arabic lessons for free can join FANAR(that spiral mosque next to the IRANI SOUQ).

The classes will be starting from february 2008 and will be held thrice a week for an hour either in morning or evening class.

so meet in FANAR


Thanks for the Information Brother...

If you are aware about the timing please do post... or any contact number...



The classes will be starting from FEB 3rd.Will be held 3 times a week on Sunday,Tuesday and thursday for 2 months for level 1.(a total of four levels are there to be proficient in arabic)

There are 2 batches

Morning : 8 to 9:30 am

Evening : 5:30 to 7 pm

the contact person is

Mr Hasan

Tel no : 4250163

Hurry up and register before this month end and forward this message to others who are interested

Could you help mae at all.  Ive tried ringing the above number for Mr. Hassan and seem unable to get an answer. Have you any other contact numbers at all? Thanks  

 Does he arrange transport ?

My problem is transportation , you see .



Aunt Polly

will it be available in May as well?


If necessary I will help you out

CB have you been there for the classes..





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Good evening,


Please can any1 help me with a contact details of Islamic Cultural center Al Fanar?? I got some phone # but nobody responding, so may be by luck i will get a right info and they will answer?


Plzzzz i need it as soon as possible.

or try before Zuhr prayers.

I am working at this time.


I need the number which they gone respond.


I called - 4250265 and 4250220, no1 dont want to talk to me. :(


I just joined QL and I am pretty much interested with the Arabic classes, but timings are not convenient. As the classes run during working hours, it's impossible for me to attend and I guess this is a very much major problem with most of us. Is there any chance of reviewing the class hours? 

Please keep me posted.

try 4250163, but try it in a different time of the day...they will answer sooner or later.. or better just go the evening, somewhere around 6-6:30.. somebody should be there...


This Too Shall Pass.....

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qatarisun :)


Finally i got the information from them. I called Hassan then he gave me another number 4250171 and one girl she explaned to me everything.

I was checking for arabic lesson for ladies and she told me that they gone start in the end of April,  twice per week and the evening batch will start at 6.30pm till 8.30.

They will announce about exact date of starting.

check your Inbox pls


This Too Shall Pass.....

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Sure I'll like to join the free Arabic classes.. Guess I'll call him.


Meanwhile people check ths out . Its really good and its free.




Any classes available now?

what is the current status?

i want to join one

Are there classes for both women and men?

No one answers this no 4250163

Best Regards

Abid Ali Sayed


Commercial Department

Doha - Qatar

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Hi all,

I had gone there last week and applied for joining.

The next batch starting on January.

So Register now itself..

'l meet there..


January next year is a good timings and hope that schedule is after 6pm like 6:30 or 7pm onwards...

thanks in advance.

I had posted this on the QL Muslim site quite a while ago. For all of you wanting to learn Arabic or about Islam check the QL expat Muslim site where I regulary post this kind of info.



Just started a course with Qatar Guest centre..which will end in the one at Fanar starts in February..So in a few months time I should speaking the Arabic..

Keefah Khalo ka..

Bekhair wa Alhumdlillah..

Ismi UKEngQatar

AAna Bartani

Aana min Bartania



UkEngQatar, where is the Qatar Guest centre? do they have evening classes? are groups big? thanks..


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Call them to register, they are trying to orgnize class for ladies. Number is: 4863681

I spoke to a lady and asked for my contact details. I was informed that as soon as they are able to gather a enough numbers, they will contact me for the schedules.

I prefer the morning schedules :-)

i cannot make it in the morning, azzi.. in the morning i usually have to be at the office.. :(


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Its a nice experience over there , not a very big batch just 15 students in my class ,well experienced professors there and since its mixed nationality class theres no bounds to how much fun there is.

professors teaching arabic in the Guests House??

UkEngQatar, the one in Fanar started in February 2008, you have missed it!:):) but you always can call them and ask when the next class starts..


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

until the end of this year.

I was informed that I may be transferred to the 9pm to 6pm shift when we transfer to the bigger office early January 2009 so I'm still not sure what class I would be going to...

Does anyone know if the islamic cultural center will be offering any classes soon and when the registrations will be? I tried calling the numbers above, but no answer, and I also left them a message on their website...

If there are any Arabic classes available for Western men, I'm interested...

I went to Al Fanar this morning, and they told me that there will be classes starting from the first or second week of jan. they will call me to confirm.

Give them a call or just drop by. They need two copies of your ID and two photos

Dear brother !

you are very greatfull and doing successfull job by remembering these opportunities for muslims and non muslim,keep it up

Thank you.

brother Risve

Thanks, everybody.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

i finished level1 ...level 2 course starts in jan

is there courses for children too???

Guys its not free anymore.....they started charging around 400 bucks or sumfin like that i aint sure but yeah im hell sure they started chargin.

LIVING IN QATAR 400 QR is to much for me. I wish they could offer free arabic class

this is our 3rd meeting...

Kapalaran ba o maling desisyon

any news for cllasses this period ?


Any clasess in Ramadan

And what are the timing in Ramadan ?


Work for 30 yrs and have a retirment of 3 yrs OR

Work for 3 yrs and have a retirment Of 30 yrs :D

Consult me:D

Today is March 2010.. This is still available?

hi all, visit fanar new website

through phone call and emails but nobody tries to respond.

"The more I see of the world the more am I dissatisfied with it." Jane Austen.

pare, are u still searching for arabic lesson> I do still.

Checkmy last poosting on the Muslim siteof QL. This might be of help.


hi, all. i m quite new here! looking for some free arabic courses? is it still possible?

i appreciate your responses in advance!

you must go there and submit your application

if you remind me on Thursday...I might get some info

hi all, to know more information about fanar, visit it's site

there you can also contact them and download arabic books and thier great book understanding islam in ur language

see you there


I visit the center from time to time.

Fanar is run by very friendly and patient people. You can go in and just take a walk around the place or you can pick someone of your ethnic/language background to just sit down & talk to.

This is a great setting for learning anything, especially a language such as Arabic that is inseparable from culture!

Anyone knows what time it is and who I can contact to learn the language?

im iterested if these free course are open?

am intrstd too.. can i plz know whether the classes r still open??

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