Best brunches in Doha?

Hello peeps!

Coming from Dubai with the big brunch culture & having a few friends there...., just wondering where is the best places for brunches & how to meet new people here!

The latter may seem a bit of a dumb comment, but I'm pretty new in Doha & like happy fun people, so there's got to be good places to meet those of that ilk...?!


By all accounts it has to be the Friday Brunch at the Marriott. All the restaurants are open and you can mix and match for just over QR200. So you can have sushi from asia live to start, then a curry, then tex mex etc includes all bubbly, wine and beer. Gotta be good!!

Tallg & Mercia, thanks for the feedback!

Marriott does sound pretty good, went there the other night, great choice of food....., never had the tum to try sushi, one day, one day!!!

Will check before I post next time, felt a bit of a Homer moment coming on then.....DOH!!


Last week I went along to the Marriot for brunch & had a brilliant time, lots of fantastic food & great people!

Also thought it terrific value, can't recommend it enough!

Only one down-side, on leaving no taxi's were available, only the hotel limo's who were charging outrageous prices because they've got new Mercs....

In my book, that did sour the experience a little as it was as good as extortion!!



shereton sparkling bruch :))) drink as much as sparkling wine you can. nice Doha view at the top floor of shereton

Turk, did that a couple of weeks back - very good value, especially as all had at least 2 bottles each, but a little disappointed in the food :o(


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Marriott is generally the most popular since drinks are included in the price - not just sparkling wine either.

I went to the sheraton brunch last week and we drunk them out of champagne...oopss

They should have put a link to the QL brunch poll on the qatar happening article ;-)

I wondered where the champers had gone... ;-)


mmm yep well...errr...not just me lol

not done the Sheraton brunch, have got well & truly leathered in the Irish bar but hey, that's another story.... ;-) lol


mmmm was there last Friday and thursday...its crap!!!

I just liked the atmosphere & of course the drink was what was needed... ;-)


Sheraton sp0arkling brunch for sure but it is more like drinking than eating..should have another name.

ROFL, hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha....HAMAD MENTAL UNIT - LIVE ONE HERE!!!!

"Quit hanging on to the handrails . . . Let go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day." Melody Beattie


why brit?? he not only wants to be a friend, but he is also humgry?? hhmmm hungry friend.. noo it's too much even for me...

don't go to Intercon.. it sucks.. this "5 stars" hotel is just getting worse and worse day by day... no matter that eventually they have changed their ripped off furniture in the lobby.. they are still on the MOTEL level by their nature… food is baaaad, leave alone service…

i was pleasantly surprised by Marriott though... huge selection of food, and service was good enough...

angles, apart from the rip-off limo's.

Definitely going again!


going again you say?? ok, i have got a car!! :P

Should be a giggle, was last time & that was when I broke my Marriot cherry..


...have you know! It fell on the floor & got squashed...

Torque ;-)

but I think HARSHA is not around :-(

You can't teach experience

Have a heart.. She's having bank problems..

You can't teach experience

I'll starve myself first Friday morning and gorge on those sashimi and

It was sometime July the first time I went to marriot and tried their Friday brunch....

I guess i deserve to treat myself once in a while :-)

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