Bikram yoga in Doha?

Does anyone know of any bikram yoga classes here? I know the Sharq does hot yoga but it's not strictly bikram, more of a mix with ashtanga.


Otter -- Did you ever find out about bikram yoga? I am moving to Doha and am interested in finding a place to do bikram although I know there is no certified location. How are the Sharq hotel classes? Thanks!

I would like to enroll, but can't seem to find it. Help anyone.

I think they have opened up a Yoga studio at Garveys - not sure what its called though...

Look for yama yoga, Doha. They have a Facebook page and run the classes at Garvey's.

thats doing the postures in a heated room..

this has an added davantage of sweating out the toxins and eventually, apart from loosing fat, the skin becomes clear and shiny..

Kalakshetra Qatar is the answer for your query. Kalakshetra Qatar has very high profile couple ( Mrs & Mr. Yogacharya Sarath Kumar) to teach yoga from the beginning. Well known in their field of application of yoga to eliminate by root a variety of ailments.

Transportation is available.

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Recently moved to Doha and I'm looking for a Bikram yoga classes. Do any exists in Doha?

Recently moved to Doha and I'm looking for a Bikram yoga classes. Do any exists in Doha?

I'm keen to learn and can attend anytime. I'm very flexible.

I am also keen... to do Bikram

I just spoke to bikram and he says - YES!

I am moving to Doha in April and want to do Bikram yoga too....I know there is yoga at Garveys but it isn't strictly Bikram...does anyone know of any classes??

Help I will need my Bikram fix

Oh I love yoga.. after two babies by cesarean. . Strted yoga agn. Lost eight kilos in juzz four months. Its great feeling whn recieve appreciations n ppl noticing.. 35 mins yoga twice a day changing my life.. give a try frns.

Enjoy yoga

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