Can I change my display picture?

I just created this account on the qatarliving but when i try 2 change my pic its the sameee any Ideaaaas

Go to "My menu"...then "my profile"....then edit......then change pic....simple :-)

I have done this but not working still the sameee

yes it's simple.....try again....

log out and log in sometimes takes sometime to change.

okayy thanks alot

It took 3 weeks to change mine last time, I had a christmas picture until the end of January :-(

You know I just found it changed in my profile but not in the forum i think this is a bug with Drupal systemm


you think you will look any better in the other one? :-P

ok guys, can i go to sleep now?

not before you brush your teeth and say your night prayers :-P

Good night rishimba

gud night snessy and others..yes colt, i remember..:)

Good night rishi.

Is all you have to do. :)

yeah sure u cn ;Go to "My menu"...then "my profile"....then edit......then change pic;;;itz simple :D

no need to look better cuz I am

rishi do susu before going to bed :(

u too wk :)

Goodni8 rishimba

Press Ctrl F5 to refresh it...

do a hard refresh. it should work

hard refresh?? lol....

hav u chngd it!!!

the page is cached. sometimes, it will not get reflected immediately. wait until u see ur new picture :)

Give me your QL password, I will upload a Alien photo in your profile.

hehe funny Swine flu

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