City Center Cinema

Where / how can I find out movies are being screened at grand Grand Cine Center (City Center)

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u can check it in your mobile... if u have the bended "i" in your mobile, press it hard and long to activate the mozaic
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I see the movie schedules in their classifieds...
hi guys grand cine Center Cinema movies ,, new movies showing every week at qatar bahrain cinema co, screens neer you injoy guyssss naser
Grand Cine Center Tel: 4839064 /4839066/ 4839032/ 4934934 God may help u... by placing anyone to attend ur call !!!! Tried all the numbers for half an hour and lost my patience... :(
where is 3 idiots playing you can now see what movies are screenin in CITY CENTRE & VILLAGIO. "I know I am not PERFECT but I am ALWAYZ ME & that is something YOU can COUNT on FOREVER"
i didn't like it
Purple Shelley Also Qatar
Thank Guys you all are great

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