Forests , Frost & Rain In Saudi Arabia

'Asir (Arabic: عسير‎, ʿAsīr; pronounced /ˈɑːsiːr/) is a province of Saudi Arabia located in the southwest of the country, named after the confederation of clans of the same name. It has an area of 81,000 km² and an estimated population of 1,563,000. It shares a short border with Yemen. Its capital is Abha. Other towns include Khamis Mushayt and Qal'at Bishah..


Geographically, the 'Asir region is situated on a high plateau that receives more rainfall than the rest of the country and contains the country's highest peaks, which rise to almost 3,000 metres at Jebel Sawdah near Abha. Though data is exceedingly sparse and unreliable, the average annual rainfall in the highlands probably ranges from 300 to 500 millimetres (12 to 20 inches) falling in two rainy seasons, the chief one being in March and April with some rain in the summer. Temperatures are very extreme, with diurnal temperature ranges in the highlands the greatest in the world. It is common for afternoon temperatures to be over 30 °C (85 °F) yet mornings can be extremely frosty and fog can cut visibility to near zero percent. As a result, there is much more natural vegetation in 'Asir than in any other part of Saudi Arabia, with sheltered areas even containing areas of dense coniferous forests,


Been there, done that. Check for Namas,Tanouma, Baha and Taif as well!

(: ty for ur comment Ajm , i just been to Asir on my way back from Umrah such a breath taking countryside. planning to go on a bigger tour  with the company  next winter ^_*

Been to Abha and Asir.. Beautiful places - as is Jizan.. :O)

Brit-Xpat , OMG Isn't it?  but Jizan i hear is a bit under-developed and for many yrs was marginalized and  over-looked by the previous govies which is kinda sad cuz the region where the city of Jizan is locaed in has some of the best and most fertile farming lands cuz it's all full of plains , basins , and valleys where all the rain from high mountians gather in behind huge dams..oh btw thanks for ur comment ( :

 Saudi is big and each area has something special :)

Lovely, lovely pictures. Thanks :-)

The strange thing is that even the desert and dunes are different there. the colours and the hues and amazing..

Just one of the few places I really loved to go back to.

So so beautiful...breathtakingly awesome! I wanna be there now. TFS, GP. You really made my night with this post. Hope and pray I can make it there soon,Inshallah!

I went on the cable car in Abha.. it was great.. The people of Jizan are very friendly..

that's very nice britexpat.... I'am glad u left with good memories and impressionFathimah the best seaosn to visit abha is during the the summer time which is abt just now (: not very cold not too hot  and its not rianing all the time like in fall  other rainy seasons and a word of  advice never try visitin there in winterlol definitely not the right season at all!

By the way, there is no need for A/C most of the year - if not all..


Spent 8 years in KSA and never went there :o(

No doubt, Inshallah, this will be high up on my "must visit" places now. 

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