How often should a cat poop?

Wow, just bing glad I woke up this morning and saw my cat pooping at all! After struggling for 2 days cat and seeing nothing in the litterbox, I'm happy when there's anything!
I suspect that cats are like people in that how often they poop can vary a lot. Mine poops once every blue moon! And According to her vet, a cat should poop once daily and it should be solid. But this one is being so very secretive about it sometimes! I can't even tell they pooped!!!
So how many times do cats usually go poop a day?


You and your cat ;)

The vet told you once daily and I think she stands correct :)


I would say mine go on average about once a day. Although I think the new kitten might be going a little more.

Is she an outdoor cat? She may be going outside, rather than in her litter box.

Also, cats can be weird about bowel movements, I know when I first got each of mine they wouldn't poop or wee for days until they started to feel comfortable in the house.

Maybe you have to train her. Poop with her!

If the cat is an out door cat then it might do the business outside..:)

use Espisortoris on her, she might poop regularly ? :(

Cherukkan, I have 5 cats, and my parents have 4 cats and my in laws have 5 cats. I am well versed in the art of cat. ;P

When I read the post the first person came to mind was Miss Mimi to answer his doubt on cat poop.

LP lol, It will be difficult if the cat is an outside pooper.

Doha-Chap, as mentioned earlier be careful not to get contaminated with bacterias from the poop (MM - it is only a joke)

Oh my God, In that case Miss Mimi, you will be living in the world of cats. Are you all living together?

Miss Mimi/UK-eng:

No. she is a household cat and has not ventured outside yet. Her previous family kept as an indoor cat only and she is rather chubby.

TB: I'm very bad with cat keeping skills as i have never owned a cat before. All i know is that She eats canned food which a mix of seafood with other stuff that her race likes. Usually I’ll scoop out a spoonful or tow and dump on her plate with a cup of milk to go with it ^_*

Cherukhan: I took her to the Vet already. Thanks for the reminder tho.

Rizks:! What on earth is Espisortoris???

L.P: Maybe you should use her litterbox. She’ll watch you and learn

LOL DC, sorry i meant 'Suppositories'....:)

Rizks.. what about Hajmola..:) or black cuming seeds? will they work?

Lol Rizks, how did you get confused with those two, I mean Espisortoris with Suppositories?

Risk: Once upon a time, there was a man, during the cave-age days, and he owned a cat that cat had trouble letting herself, so he used "Suppositories" on her, and that's when the great- flood happened.

And inhabitants of cave-town inscripted the story on the inner walls of their cave Habitat !

TB : thanks for the tips (:

DC, stop giving her milk. That's what's constipating her. Contrary to popular belief, milk is actually very very bad for cats.

I would also just stick her to dry food (kibble) as wet food tends to make their bowels iffy too.

Cherukkan, no, thank god, we don't all live together. But yes, I live in a world of cats.

Cows milk is very bad for cats, even kittens (you can buy special kitten milk at the vet) Adult cats do not need any milk. Give your cat a dishful of dry cat food (Meow mix or the vet usually carries a more expensive brand some owners and cats prefer) and a full, clean dish of water - both available all day. I also give mine a spoonful of canned food morning and night as a treat. If I'm really feeling generous, I may share some scraps from some fish I've cooked for myself or a spoonful of canned tuna.

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