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I am Indian coming to Doha for a short assignment. I am a strict vegetarian. I just wanted to check if there are any vegetarian restaurants in Doha. I plan to stay in MovenPick hotel. Are there any veg restaurants around that hotel? If yes, I will be thankful if someone can provide me the address and contact no of those restaurants. Many Thanks,
Please email the details to me at the following address

Garden Hotel has its vegetarian section.Its good tooooooooo....

Check the flavours! It's an indian restaurant with vegetarian section on the ground floor. its at mannai roundabout close to the babyshop (that's the landmark the drivers know!)

Garden is the best veg. hotel in Doha.. please don't try in Flavours hotel you will loose the interest in food. There is another hotel Al-osra near Flavour hotel...

The following restaurants serve good VEG food:

1. Caravan (Ramada junstion)

2. Al-Osra

3. Shalimar

4. Homeland

5. Gardens

6. Bharath (new - only veg)

7. Prestige

8. Asiana

9. Tandoor

10. Kebab king

11. Flavours

12. Maaza

saj saj

being a pure veggi,i dont think u will like the above mentoined n non veggi n hav tried frm all the restaurant,i liked,but my hubby is pure veg n he prefers garden.they got seperate kitchen for veg.if am not wrong caravan comes in sterling group,and their kitchen is in front of my flat.u will stop eating frm outside once u see their building

2 completely PURE VEG restaurants with VEG ONLY kitchen:

Garden Annapoorna (Veg section)

Bharath Restaurant (Pure Veg)

Can you please give me the address/ contact nos of these two restaurants:

Garden Annapoorna

Bharath Restaurant (Pure Veg)

I will stay in hotel Movenpick at Cornish, near museum roundabout. So which restaurant will be near to that.


guys check this out



can you tell me the location of Bharath (new - only veg) restaurant.?

me too looking for good veg hotel.

thanks in advance.

i feel flavours is the best in my opinion

TO taste the Authentic Vegetarian south indian food, ARYAAS IS "THE BEST "... I have tried their MUMBAI CHAATS too... Very Authentic and inspite of having difficulty in getting the proper raw materials here in Doha, I Envy their Group to KEEP UP THEIR STANDARDS !

The following Restaurants are famous in vegetarian food:-

1} Bharath

2} Shalimar

3} Garden

4} Saravanabhavan

5} Aaryaas etc

can anybody tell me based on their own experience, which north indian hotel serves best' makka ki roti and sarson ka saag'?

its been long i havent had this one.

makki ki roti and sarson ke saag are really good at Tandoor

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