HELLO GUYS! JOLLIBEE IS IN QATAR ALREADY, Confirmed. Store opening is tentatively March/April 2010. See you at jollibee store in Mansoura, Doha, Qatar.

nice to hear that...

but i'm sure, the taste is not good as we used to in pinas!!! just like CHOWKING...

i just hope it will not be same as jollibee in dubai where there food is very much different from the jollibee from the philippines.


broasted chicken is still the best and cheap!

Jollibee is a Filipino brand,it will make sure your expectation is met. See you soon at Jollibee

Jollibee in Qatar will make sure it brings the original taste from Philippines. See you soon at Jollibee

If they are so good why haven't they made enough money till date to advertise properly.. Why flooding an online forum with jollibee threads. You are making sure I hate it already ronzainternational.

**** Aal Izz Well****

and how sure are you that the taste is like the original taste from Phils. considering that pork ingredients are not allowed here.

Don't make such assurance about the orig taste which we all aware is not possible.

How about Dubai? They have all kinds of pork products but still Jolibee in Bur Dubai us not the same. I think Jolibee like Chowking is not yet ready to go international.

Hello Tatess, Jollibee chicken and the gravy has no pork, I am confident that Jollibee will retain the taste to the nearest comparison for other products since all of the ingredients for other product will be coming from Philippines (of course with Halal qualification). Jollibee is also in Saudi Arabia, and Filipino has a positive acceptance in Jeddah. Let us just taste it when it comes and compare. Thanks

ooooohhhhh'''' really okey ba sa alright ang lasahhhhhh baka naman mas masarap parin ang pilipinas jollibee uwi na nga ako

promizzzzzzz where??????

jpa jpa


I bet the taste will be different...there is a preparation, some kind of marination of the chicken from jollibee and it wouldn't be practical for them to bring the prepared chicken here.

not to douse anyone's expectations, but it's a welcome news to patrons of Jollibee. Like any food business, no matter what you say or do people will patronize you (taste and prices will spell the difference).

It would be a challenge for the new entry since our palates here have been used to the local fare. Yes, like Chowking it will initially attract droves of people (my take on that it has something to do more on the pinoy's longing for home than the food. I don't personally like Chowking back home).

Hope they bring in palabok and the rest, minus of course the non-kosher. Good luck! =)

looking forward for it! since im coming this january....

looking forward for it! since im coming this january....

Jolibee burger is so small

You can't teach experience...

Langhap sarap kaya yan?


Everything happens for a


that Jollibee chicken and the gravy has no pork.

what about other menus?.for sure you will not sell chicken alone in Qatar.

Anyway, let us wait and see .I'll be at the opening day to order my favorite palabok, hamburger and fried chicken with gravy.

whyteknight..u really dont know what Jollibee means to us "Pinoys"..

missed so much the spaghetti..hmmm yummy!!!!!

I don't care what you guys say! I LOVED Jollibee the first time my mom and dad took me to one when I was still a lil' boy and I'll STILL BE LOVING it till the day I'll be taking my babies to one too! GO Jollibee! Can't wait! :D

Kailan ba talaga, ang dami namang balita, hangang ngayon wala parin. I like jollibee..... makes me feel home.

3 years na kaya ako walang uwian, please donnot make me crave.

I am a site foreman.... expect me to bring at least 35 of my filipino co-workers weekly to Jollibee, we have a bus and a restaurant to fill. Segurado masaya ito... I love it...

Will anybody agree, the next Filipino souq is the Jollibee in mansoura.... it will be our meeting place.

Dian, grace and all Bicol partners meron na tayong meeting place. Jollibee at home kami....

Honestly, my first date way back in Philippines is at Jollibee, how sweet, I hate to remember this..

matagal na pong nagsara ang jolibee sa jeddah kasi di sya masyadong tinangkilik, namahalan po kasi sila sa burger eh ang liit naman.that was 2008 ng huli akong umalis ng jeddah, ewan ko lang kung binuksan ulit.

sa hongkong din di sya masyadong dinudumog ng tao...but maybe here it will be a success, i wish...

be same as Chowking then better not :(

I did not try Chowking sa pinas, but ... I was so disappointed with Chowking Qatar :(

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Gautama Buddha)

Sabihin nyo nang makabayan ako. Pero sisiguraduhin ko na isa ako sa susuporta sa Jollibee. Thanks to the one who initiated to bring Jollibee to Doha...... You bring a piece of our dearly beloved Pilipinas to Doha. Kahit man lang sana sa store ng jollibee makalimutan ko ang lungkot ng lugar na ito... Thank you Jollibee.

Lastly, ronzainternational sana naman hindi ka nagloloko sa binalita mo. Mahal na kita, magpakilala ka lang....


**** Aal Izz Well****


When in Rome do as the Romans do!!!

ok, I am just excited to share my thoughts... I am just happy to know Jollibee is already in Doha. It is my personal feelings, so no offend... ok?

ronzainternational, i love yah! you're my man...

By the way, I am separated but very much available..

No offense taken. Enjoy your Jollibee when it opens.

**** Aal Izz Well****

chicken... chicken... chicken...????

again and again?????


jpa jpa





welcome to QL.

Enjoy the chicken.

I hope their SERVING IS NOT AS SMALL AS CHOWKING'S or similar restaurants/fastfoods!



*LOOKING FOR WORK ASAP. Know any, please contact me.

Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!

masisira nanaman pag da diet ko...

Hopefully not like Chowking? Very Big disappointment,

Food is expensive and the serving is not appropriate for the amount that you have been paid, the place is like ordinary small restaurant here not good....

Hopefully Dito Tayo Dito Tayo Sa Bida Ang Bata Sa Jollibee Bida Ang Saya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no tagalog allowed in the main forum.

vegas once you have taste the "champ" you might change your mind... just hope it will have the same taste in the philippines

hope they learn the lessons of Jeddah. As I've said, taste and pricing will spell the difference if they're gonna stay for long.

Am not much for fast food but I wish them luck into their venture here!! =)

Hay sarap parang nasa Filipinas na ulit tayo nyan. namimiss ko 2loy mga anak me dahil dyan kami lagi kumakain after namin mag simba. Masarap na chicken, spag, Palabok etc...Tagal naman buksan....Matitikman nnaman ntin ang sarap ng pagkain pinoy ng dahil sa jollibee...Im sure parang sinehan ang pila nyan sa counter sa dami ng gustong makatikim ulit ng mga pagkain sa jollibee. Sigurado rin yung mga tao na matagal nyo na rin hindi nakikita sa qatar mag kikita kita kayo dyan sa jollibee dahil magpupuntahan lahat ng pinoy dyan pra matikman ulit ang sarap ng pagkain ng jollibee. So reunion ito...See you there!!!! Burp!!!

really??!! an all time fave fast food in the phils.. sounds good! taste might quite different, but it's not just the foods, it's the place where originated at the pearl of the orient that very loved of each and every pinoy...

RE: ronzainternational 'Jollibee in Qatar will make sure it brings the original taste from Philippines. See you soon at Jollibee'


Lier !!! Dubai has a bad taste

Don't believe!!!

jollibee in qatar great- now home sick will be forgotten and i can taste the real filipino food when it comes to fast food....

jollibee opened in bahrain and shut down because it was crap :P


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hey mr whyteknight if you are not interested about this retaurant and there is no proper fucking hellmaker..should not comment in here...fuck yourself...and die...

hey mr whyteknight if you are not interested about this retaurant and there is no proper fucking hellmaker..should not comment in here...fuck yourself...and die...

But I have no intention of dying yet.

I don't take any orders from you either.

Asan Na si jollibee :-) Kala ko Mag OOpen Na this may somewhere in mansoura...

Asan Na si jollibee :-) Kala ko Mag OOpen Na this may somewhere in mansoura...

wow,this is really good news for us especially Jollibee addicts like me...i love their chickenjoy with gravy... XD)

This is good news, indeed!

I hope there in no discrimination against pinoys in jolibee unlike chowking.

In chowking, if you are an Arab or Caucasian, they will serve you at your table. Not so if you are Only a pinoy.

Great huh?

somebody texted me that jollibe was already it true???

Batute... it is already open.. yesterday...

so its true.... was it a soft opening or a grand opening already?

because there was no news about it...

anyways thanx for the confirmation..

Jollibee is inside AL MEERA Supermarket at Al Mansoora. Beside KFC :)

hello, so what can you say about the taste? anyone?

smart-me, sinungaling ka naman, hindi pa naman nag-opena ng jollibe at sabi eh sa 22 pa daw..


smart- me your a li#%#, jollibe was not yet open.

it will be on 22 of june....

Kelan ba talaga opening nito? Nakakatakam tuloy eh...

My sponsor said that it will be 100% okay and it'll be opened on 22nd of June. our sponsor is Mr. Tariq Al Shamlan of Qatar Tradibg Company and InternationalTire well as MSS watch shops...jollibee is sister company of QTC.

isang branch lang?

yup! for now isa pa lang muna..pero they're planning to have another branch kung saan maraming pinoys!

I hope they will maintain "Panlasang Pinoy" at a very reasonable price. There's a lot of fast food chain here and you can see the difference of the sizes of their chicken and burger menu. If Jollibee will be more expensive and could not even meet the same taste of Jollibee in Pinas. I dnt think they will click here in Qatar :D same as Chowking. Expensive and the taste was not good at all.

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