Good morning all of you
Friends we hav became victim of kahramaa administration it hapoened like this that we wanted to shift to a new place and my husband went to ckear the kahramaa bill but there we got shock of our lifr when he saw that we have outstanding water bill amounting to 6000 riyals!! Only For two months when we enquired we were asked make a camplain and wait for a week to get clearance we patiently waited but nothing happened then after multiple request they hav sent a man and he changed the water meter and again we were asked to wait for a week stating new meter has not being entered in the system then after 3 days we got a call and they told us the meter is still runnin its not our fault you hav to pay the whole outstanding balance but we checked our flat there is no leakage at all but there are saying they are helpless they meter is working well
My only request is there any way of getting out of this problem

we xferd last june and it shows in our bill that no consumption (meter reading) up to this month. we are only paying to the other charges. i called the cust service ask for advice and literally i asked for service man to have it check. this man said it would cost 50 riyals for the service he said suggested to wait for the next bill.

goodness makes me worried!

you're not alone, dear :)

I am too getting bills for 3-4 months with no reading but fixed charge (Imagine, I've been on vacation means there shouldn't be NO/less water consumption in that period).

response to complain : water meter not working, is that my (consumer's) problem??

But I pay.........!

IMO It's peaceful to pay than breaking my head with stress dealing with socalled "customer driven" service!!


im not sure if they're locking of meter reader staff (whatever they call it) or it is the meter itself that has a problem.

well if the reading is zero..u need to check ur water meter..if the digital screen is blank....then meter needs to be replaced...for that u need to make a complaint at the service centre...which will take approx 2 months to change till then u pay Qr.150/- other charges....then somebody will change ur meter...[no once calls to notify the change] u will still be billed Qr.150/- ..

..u then need to take a picture of the new meter along with the reading and the meter serial number to get it registered with them ....wait for another 1 month....once the new meter gets registered in the billing system then the reading will start...u have to do everything and follow up...nobody will call u...remember...it took me 5 months to get all this sorted out....have patience...I wish u all the best...

HEllo have that same problem, would I t help if we can watch them read the meter monthly? I doubt there's something wrong with the reader:-(

HEllo have that same problem, would I t help if we can watch them read the meter monthly? I doubt there's something wrong with the reader:-(

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