Looking for a Culinary School

Does any one knows of any reputable culinary school that teaches western/asian cuisine in Doha?

I being looking for one in Doha, Qatar and nothing yet. I know that Dubai has a school for culinary arts, very prestigious and reputable. For know I will stick to my cooks books, clip recipes and good luck in this one.....

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Culinary School in Doha :)))))))) as if all other vital things are already here and all what is missing is a Culinary School ..... I wish there was one any way :( in the mean time I will stick to the old methods just like the red pope

why dont you buy some cookery books and experiment yourself. That would be the best way to learn. Trial and error

You introduced an important topic. We need construction school, carpentry school, metal shaping school, electracity school, decoration schools (i.e. gypsum, furiniture). There is a high school that teaches these stuff. However, I think adults might want to learn too.

Are there any adult classes offerd in Doha for things along these lines?

Maybe Social Development Center

I know College of the North Atlantic has non-credit classes. Only one I can remember right now is jewelry making but I know they had more.

I know an indian lady who gives sometimes cooking class at her place. SUNITA her e.mail adress is sunitaemail@Gmail.com but she is doing only indian food quiet good. If you find something else please send me a note. good luck.

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