Most Handsome " 5 MEN in the WORLD "


Again a new day with warm nd pleasure...

See as per last updation of

****some handsome Guys






WTH ? were is my name ? :(
How can we be on it ... The title says "Handsome" .... :O(
mine too :(
In the world and only from Middle-East & Sub-continent??? Lol.. Rizks, we will figure in the genuine list.. This is fake list
handsome in the eyes of whom?
handsome in the eyes of beholder....:)
whyteknight, In your middle east , " INDIA ND PAKISTAN " havin..????
no one from Qatar....
shahana did you read subcontinent in my comment somewhere??? India & Pak are part of the Subcontinent. Damn these kids with poor Geography.
some hairs on their heads doesnt mean they are Handsome....:( Huh !!
Funny now the "handsome" men in the world are all the Rich and Famous ones. Who conducts these surveys anyways? I'm sure there are better looking men out there than these clowns mentioned here.
i wonder if all those people has original nose! maybe it is artificial like most of the current singers & Actors!!!
is middle east only your world shahana?
Tinker didnt you know we have two worlds on Earth? This side and That side :P
Shahana, there are more handsome Men around the world [including me ;)]...but, they got less exposure than these kings and actors
maybe in the eyes of some only.. I've seen better looking men than these.. :P
whooo u missed my photo...
No_Good_Thing_Dies, pls see mt link, I did as per it.. dont argue
some hairs on their heads doesnt mean they are Handsome....:( ROFL RIZKS :)
So my wife has been lying to me all this while! I'm filing for divorce! Grrrr
list was 2 years ago (jan 2008) Rizks... no worries ... your on the latest list.. hehe
kia khoubsurat chokra hay
Bunch of mingers, the lot of them...
Rofl lawa.....
oh, we're not allowed to argue??? but I want to.. :P
lawaji stop checking out the guys now and make a thread for the 5 most beautiful women of the world.
wai wai ... kia khoubsurat chokra hay Translation: Woo hooo...wat bootiful Guyz...I am in Love with them.....:( bloody gay
Please dont associate them with chocolate...i dont want to lose my taste for chocolates :P
They really look so handsome...I mean complexion and features wise..Soooo smart...See the first one..Moreover the kind of confidence they have on their faces...
I like TARKAN right from the days i heard his song SIKIDIM when it got released in INDIA.. Hrithik comes after him as my second choice..:))
Yep if i had millions in my bank account i'd have tons of confidence as well :)
waqai bohat khubsorat hai yeh chora :)
god damn! handsome? stands for gay shi*? lolzzzzzzzzzzz.... he he he
LOL somwer.. you joined Pathan club too??? LOL
i saw some other pics for Hazaa he's not very good looking on the other pics ... but the rest they r
All Jealous Guyz here making fool of themselves....:(
rashid al maktoum ,,,,, he is so cute
but the last one is really handsome hheeheheh
moayad2001 Hazaaaa ????
hmmm... few of my Qatari collegues looks more handsome than these guys...:) In these 5 pics..I liked the first one..:)
tinkerbell10 you feel shame to say it..??
I've been told that Prince Charles was quite the ladies man when he was in his twenties. I am sure his being the heir to the throne of England had nothing to do with this...
i got help from our Pakistani secretary WK :D
Shahana, Ok cool...Can u please post most beautiful 5 women in the world too?
plz explain abt hazaaa????
New Definition of Handsome Men is "Men with Girlish Looks" :P
I would appreciate a definition now for the word 'handsome' to check if the listed names are matching. Shahna, I disagree.
LOL where is Risk's pic with his lungi :P
LOL @ Men with Girlish Looks, so gay :D
senthibhim those jealous people didnt put my pic...:( bloody buggers
No_Good_Thing_Dies 1. tinkerbell10 2. soniya 3. mjamille28 4. shahana454 5. afreen
No Tinker.... They are from Generation Y :P
Handsome boyfriends often make a girlfriend's heart ache...:P
Khattak u have a nice clevage. Lets meet today ?
they're enchanting,..but where's GOERGE CLOONEY? KEANNU REEVES? LEONARDO DICAPRIO? ANTONIO BANDERAS? RYAN REYNOLDS? But these men listed above,a very wonderful breakfast for my eyes.. I like the grandson of king faizal..Very charming..:)IGLT sooo much..
tinkerbell10 cn u do anythin wit MAKE-UP nd ph-grphor ??? should hav somthin wit u ..
Rizks.... Why NOT? But, at your own RISK ;)
saeed, most handsome 5 girls
Most beautiful men. Not handsome
all to doha jadeed and see who come out alive.
tinkerbell10, giv me ur magnificient ph-grpr and make up dtls I wanna do some changes on my houseneighbour little dog..
Darude, why to DOHA JADEED??? i stay there...:D
wow... handsome guys.... really tht turkish pop singer is toooo handsome..
all of them look G*Y!
shahana, is it u on ur QL profile?? I am sure, IT'S NOT..:))
No_Good_Thing_Dies y ?
DaRuDe.... ZamZam aka Fareej Abdul Aziz would be better than Doha Jadeed :P
tinkerbell10 not angry wit need u only the pht-grphr, and light stng nd photoshop jus 4 try, if it is work out I will share the credit " you tooo "
shahana you know RITHIK has an extra thumb?... lol
Saeed, yiu kill me...wit car
soniya "all are not same"
hmmm not bad and DaRuDe why the hell U don't look on QL, rather than sending them to Doha jadeed ;)
saeed , I Llke different always, in my LIFE, THOUGTS, ACTIVITIES ND EVERITHIN
do you really think this is shahana. who studies in CNA and doesnt know English well just see her vocabulary
shahana, nothing...just asked. saeed, car thread ... :(
crazy trolls on Ql let them enjoy t heir time. They for sure never last long.
always expect , the unexpected :P
DaRuDe, Sure...WE ENJOY OUR TIME !! but U.. WASTE UR TIME !! better go frm here soon ....
Shahana, a small word...apart from posting topics..we should be in read only mode to get to know the behavior of QLers Darude, I always feel like tinker is better in vocabulary than me. did u find something wrong...may be a typo?
owaham chap sha. Translation you are such a nice A&&
Dear saeed, See the foxy face guy, and his comments
No_Good_Thing_Dies pls dont think bad on me !! am jus fighting with QL FRNDS as I doin my campus Take it all friendly ....PLS Without a fight and blablalaa....wat mornin nd wat day
make sure you dont get wasted soon enjoy till you last
Shahana post a thread for 5 Most bootifool ladies in the world and i bet tat thread will go more then 3 pages...:)
MY time UP DARUDE get back on 2mrrow wit Sometin new NB :- "" I NEED SOME BRITISH VOCABULARY FROM U....SOME TEXT MISSIN ""
Shahana, Did I take u wrong? nope Rizks, u missed something in the first page of this thread...that list is already posted... :)
I wonder WHY I AM NOT included in list.. tsk.. tsk.. tsk...
NGTD you mean this list ? 1. tinkerbell10 2. soniya 3. mjamille28 4. shahana454 5. afreen i bet these ladies might have bribed the judges....:(
hms hms
know why, ultimately all threads will end up in fighting, and i have seen Darude will enter as BIG BOSS in between the threads threatening all, withi his profile picture itself is threatening
hms hms
may be. everywhere bribing is prevailing.
Darude, but what's so special about DOHA JADEED AREA??? U didn't asnwer me still...:)
Soniya, DaRuDe and few of his pathaan friends stay in tat area. Very dangerous and furosious area for a single Lady or a Man who pass by this area.....:(
Tinku meri jaan ! I cant do katti or tatti with you I Likes You ! :)
hms hms
hahahaha, she will really get scared of that area now, is it that scary ??
Yes its indeed very scary ! I got saved 2 times while crossing tat dead path. I ran away, leaving my chappals behind....:(
hms hms
BEWARE, O' you Innocent people....:(
hms hms
that was wrong statement by me, so deleted.
hms hms
u wear chappals, i thought u will walk without chappals and shoes.
rizk, i am fasting for KARWA CHAUTH today...i was about to throw out reading ur comment..:D
Hey, oh that's the reason why DARUDE is always mentioning about DOHA Well yes, i have seen PATHANS in my area..But they are not scary at all..:)))
Soniya zi, ya ya you carry on with ur Fast when u break ur fast, fastly come back again and Tinku, thank GOD i dont stay in tat dungeon...:(
Soniya might be they are Educated Pathaans....Rofl
Soniya, which pathan? Irfan Pathan or Yousuf Pathan?
No Offesense watsoever to my Pathaan friends ! v r still good buddies.....:)
I think Brad Pitt is the sexiest :O)
Dont Worry, Rizks..... It wont affect our date tonight :P
NGTD, well i like YUSUF..:D
wow, thread hitted the 2nd page in a day...plenty of gayz here in QL... ;b
you dont have nothing to do with your life?post something informative,not this kind of crap!thank you for not including my picture:(
hms hms
so welcome to the club.
are you a girl or gay?
lol hms, that was just a comment, although m not interested ;b
hms hms
LOL, all are commenting only in one way or the other.
i like imran abbas..he is most good looking
Blue_rose i look better then imran abbas... i have good
None of them look handsome at least in the pic. And is the pic number 5 tagged correctly? He looks very much like Crown price of Dubai who I think is handsome. This must be most gayish pic of Hritik Roshan. Others in the pic are boys not men.
Dumraa Ghusa .... Cryspy??? Alakaa da DaRude ra la maa beezata kawa kana....
First pic looks like me ;)
Thankyou. At least someone here appreciates the difference between us men and mere boys :O)
i always love my Hero hrithik and thn comes, Rashid..

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