Mountain bike in Qatar

Does anyone know if there is mountain bike club in Qatar?
How about tracks? Is there technical trail, hill or countryside area where MTB-ers usually go for ride during weekend?
Bike shop? do they have good collection?

Search for mountain bike in QL, there was one post before regarding bike stores maybe you can find more information overthere.
there is a bike shop called skate shack. they sell trek and gary fisher mt bikes and also have a few road bike as well. the shop is on salwa road between sports city road and wholesale market road. on the south side of the road. it is a decent bike shop. I have not heard of any offroad cycling clubs. I do not know of any singletrack but plenty of places to ride off road though. I have my road bike here and there is some awesome smooth and deserted roads in the north of qatar to ride. let me know if you want to ride up there.
I am also a MTB rider and I am considering bringing my bike with me. Is this a sensible thing to do? I suppose that riding in summer is out of the question but what about riding in winter time? Is it feasible? And as no one has answered the initial question let me ask again? Any off road bike club in Qatar? or anyone who would like to meet up for a ride? (I am not moving to Qatar until late August). Thanks everyone!
umm you guys see any mountains out here? lol joking There is a shop on Salwa road between Ramada traffic light and Mega center roundabout. They recently started selling specialized mountain bikes and equipment. Worth taking a looksy. The Specialized product line can be viewed here
Ain't no mountains high enough in Qatar???? :-) Fair point AbuAmerican, but you can still ride a MTB in other places than mountains. In fact I personally like to ride my bike on road... but surely there must be some interesting off road places to ride? cheers
here for mountain biking. The terrain has been compared to the surface of the moon. Seriously that is what it looks like. I have seen a few brave souls on their bikes during the weekends, but not very often or very many. By all means bring your bikes, however, and start a new trend!
I am also moing to Qatar in August and am keen on dirt jumping and downhill style mountain biking. As the question hasn't been asked yet, are there any dirt jumps or skate parks that i could continue this hobby?
OSSY yes bring your MTB, you can ride in the summer but it is best late in the afternoon. there is tons of places to ride. there is no off road clubs here for bikes. I am planning a ride to the inland sea when it cools down a bit. my friend is going to 4X4 there with the camping stuff. It is about 40KM each way. will be following a road that is mostly rocky and not much sand. be great to have a group of riders. Alex-Stanley NO dirt jumps or skate parks to ride but you can ride down some rugged hills I guess but don't crash to hard, you might lay there for ever waiting for help to arrive. ha
also check at the back of Regency Hotel just in fronting Suoq Najada... there is a shop there selling only bicycles... I may like a lily which wherever
Ok thanks joeinqatar where about's are theese rugged hills?
They are all over qatar. here is a link with some photo's. an easy place to get to is fuwairit along the northeast coast. let me know if you want to ride XC sometime. not into the downhill, bikes and bones are expensive.
Hey JoeinQatar, Do you ride with a group at Fuwairit? I'll join you next Friday (4Jul08). Has someone laid out a trail or is it just free riding in the desert? OhtobeWild
@ Joeinqatar Thanks for the info. Didn't check this thread until today so after some of the comments, I had decided not to bring my MTB in August but wait until December when I'm back to the UK for hols, and will have a better view of what the situation is. But a trip to the inland sea sounds very interesting. I will be living in Mesaieed, so I guess that takes a few miles of my journey. Will see if I can convince my wife to let me take my bike!!! :-) take care
there is not any biking trails that I know of, i just call them jeep trails. I have not rode with anyone yet is there a MTB riding group? I am off saturdays and sundays. I am back in the U.S. until 20 July. after that I will be up for a ride somewhere.
hi. i want to buy a new bike, and i wanted Specialized bikes. do u knoe were i can buy one. do you knoe the shop name. thank you
Have seen specialized bikes in Villagio The sports shop near the Food Court       [img_assist|nid=50852|title=hmm|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
Are you still interested in special bikes
hi guys. I'm searching a bike here in doha,qatar. but i dont have idea if where i can find those bike shop. by the way i'm donny, 21 years old, male. i'm a cyclist almost 8 years ride and race in my mountainbike in philippines. i'm here now in doha for working and i want to buy mountainbike for ride and join in race. and i want to meet a new friend in bike here in qatar. if any of you have an idea where i can buy a mountainbike pls contact me at this mobile number 6490225. or visit my website: or email me at u can see all picture in my website about biking and racing when i was in philppines. thanks guys..
No mountains here so what is the use of a mountain bike       [img_assist|nid=50852|title=hmm|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
i just want to know any decent bike shop here in Doha and the price range for bikes
I wil probably will be moving to Doha within a few weeks and i'm looking forward to ride there
Okay, i'm in Doha now, earlyer i recieved an e-mail from someone regarding mountainbiking but i lost it, could that person contact me again? I still need to order a new bike so is there a possibility to rent a MBT or racebike? Thanks Davy
better if your going to buy a new one instead of renting one , just read the early post about the decent mtb shop located in salwa road , Iam also a newbie and looking for any MTB club here in doha if you knw one please let me knw . Thanks
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can someone informed me about the ride in quarry area. If anyone is planning a weekend ride, I wanna tag along and check the place. please reply here.
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there are no mountains anyway :P so dont call it mountain bike eventhough it is :)

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