Our Condolence to People killed in Boston

Sending love, light & healing thoughts out to all of the people involved in the tragedy

12 killed, nearly 50 injured in Boston Marathon explosions
7 Palestinians
87 Iraqis
12 Afghans

Prayers for for all the victims, and their families.
A lot of our friends and families left us, so we know what it means to lose a dear person to the heart, a brother, sister, or son.

i'm not sure if your numbers are correct, but this really is a terrible tragedy.

as of this time, i believe only two have been confirmed dead so far and about 100 are injured. the numbers may go up in the next few hours.

I'm not sure of your numbers, according to the news sources I've been looking at there are 3 fatalities and nearly 150 injured (including missing limbs). No mention of nationalities??

A latest report says a "person of interest" is in the hospital with injuries. He is a 20 year old Saudi on a student visa.

If this was done by foreign terrorists, all I can say is what a bunch of idiots. Last time this happened two countries were invaded in retaliation with millions dead, injured, or turned into refugees.

Such an atrocity and such carnage. Will await further reports and hope this time the culprits are alone made to pay for their crimes without further turmoil.

and commiserations to the families of those who passed away.May justice be swift and appropriate!

so who is next? Iran, Syria or Pakistan???

Heartiest Prayers for all the victims, and their families.

I've done a search of Doha News, The Peninsula and the Gulf Times - no mention of the explosions. As they occurred yesterday morning, I would have thought there would have been time to either include them in today's papers or at least a news feed on their websites?

MC...it is there in GT...on the first page top left and then carried on in detail on page 14.

Lets wait and see who is behind this. Condolences to the ones who lost their lives in a sporting event, where most people run for good causes and charitable organisations!

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

it is indeed very tragic ...

Footage video:


Site Map & photos:


sad at the loss of innocent lives ...

Thanks HGL I overlooked it in my haste.


sad loss of innocent life.

Tragic and heartbreaking.

Thelonius ~ Talibans never carried out any terrorist activity on American soil.

May the dead rest in peace and may the injured recover fully.

As usual , the papers are having a field day and printing all sorts of headlines. Let's wait for the dust to clear and find out who is behind this and why..

Inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

Hope the Injured Recover soon

Gulf Times has a small report on front page. This happenned last night at about 11pm Qatar Time, not yesterday morning. It was 3pm in Boston

Who and what believes this is a solution to any disagreement of any kind, it’s unacceptable no matter where in the world and always done by cowards.

My deepest condolences and prayers to all of those suffering such an irreplaceable loss.

theleo dont hijack topic is on ppl killed in boston for ur link open another forum i will RIP there

I reported this as breaking news hence my numbers were not updated and it was 2 not 12.

The simple fact is that the lives of some matter more than others. This has been so all through history and will continue to be so !

who did that is really sick, i really feel very sorry for the people who dies and got injured.

But am afraid of what will happen next

After Pearl Harbor incident .... America hits Japan

After the September 11 incident .... Americans occupied Afghanistan and Iraq

After the incident, Boston ... Where will America go!?

I wish that i am wrong

Bombs kill three people, wound more than 100 at Boston Marathon.


Boston Bombing That Killed 3 Believed to Be Terror Act, & will be rewarded in order

I did not see any Posting on QL about the 10 children KILLED IN AFGANISTAN LAST WEEK..

I would like to hear that Thelonius ,,,

That was a mistake.

This was premeditated ..

Nope 55 killed in 12 different areas cuz of explosions


and remaining were random killing. ( I got this statistics from a journalist working there - May be they are from injured ones not reported yet)

I have been following the news on CNN since early morning and there is no mention of 12 people or nationalities.. The latest news says


Those nationalities did not die in Boston. I posted all together from different part of the world. It was difficult for me to report partially as a global citizen.

Of course numbers would vary from breaking to the latest updates. Still gulftimes say 2 dead 23 injured cuz this was the breakingnews until mid night. http://www.gulf-times.com/us-latin%20america/182/details/349263/two-dead%2c-23-injured-in-boston-marathon-blasts

LLR you are not a good reporter..:)

Yes. Ur right. All of them comes here "A lot of our friends and families left us as mentioned in the opening post.

Don't forget Mrs Arbeezer's cat which got run over by a fire truck :O(

"Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return"

from what I`ve seen, it was an international event. I hope no conspiracy behind this.

Yup buddy..but the post is meant for condolence. None of us here are philanthropist to know the exact numbers.

By the way 4+ from Doha Bay Running Club are still there and they are safe and we look forward to their return soon.

At the moment it stands at 3 dead and over 140 injured, with 30 in critical condition.

Most of the injured are from the collapse of the stands where spectators were watching those reaching the finish lines when the explosions occurred.

Its an international event that is held every year in Boston. For missing persons, call +1617.635.4520

You can get more updates from my Facebook (http://facebook.com/abdoun.mshala) and Twitter (http://twitter.com.ms_hala

#PrayersForBoston #PrayersForTheWorld

LLR same as in the FB page!

End of humanity begins with this shake of terror!

Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioun :(


Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

Hope the injured recover soon..

Our Condolence to People killed in Boston

Sending love, light & healing thoughts out to all of the people involved in the tragedy

12 killed, nearly 50 injured in Boston Marathon explosions

7 Palestinians

87 Iraqis

12 Afghans

This does not make sense at all.. Your subject says Our condolence to people killed in Boston and then you say 12 killed, nearly 50 injured in Boston marathon.. I told you three people have been killed and over a 100 have been injured.. And from where did you get the nationalities? If it is a differnet tragedy elsewhere, u should have put it in a differnet post..

I heard the news early morning..Got surprised that a BOMB BLAST happened in U.S.

Our heartiest condolence to those who lost their lives and hope the injured recover soon...

I was in the shower this morning listenting to the radio when I heard it around 6am.. Then I switched on the TV and saw it on CNN>. It is really tragic.. So many people have been amputated. Can you just imagine, those marathon runners who were running on their two feet at the start of the marathon have now lost their legs and would never be able to even walk again.. There are some horrible and frightening pictures on the internet. This is surely a terrible tragedy.. I just hope the terrorists who have done it pay for it, I hope they get caught and punished..

I always worry when I watch news and they say "Caution: Graphic Images"..

I think people are mollycoddled too much. They should see the graphic images , so they can see what the reality is.

As far as this tragedy is concerned. Let us wait for the fog to clear and get proper information.


I think it is domestic. May be some psycho will appear soon. Lets see. Possibly they wont call him a terrorist.

Kareena u should talk to QL owner to increase the character length allowed in the subject.

It doest make sense either to create individual thread with different countries.

Further I created this thread for condolence as simple as that.


Grand Rapids, Michigan (CNN) -- If September 11, 2001, was the day everything changed, then April 15, 2013, serves as another reminder of that change, of our frailties and of a new reality in which "it can't happen here" has been replaced by "it can happen anywhere."

When initial reports came out of Boston about two explosions occurring near the finish line of the 116th marathon -- a marathon that began with 26 seconds of silence in honor of the 26 victims of the Newtown massacre -- we held our collective breaths and hoped it was a freak infrastructure accident.

Or compromised electrical wiring.

LZ GrandersonOr a gas leak.

Anything other than ...

President Barack Obama did not say the word "terrorism" in his brief address, perhaps waiting until more facts are learned. We don't know how many are responsible, we don't know motive, if any, and we don't know whether it's domestic or foreign. But we do know the FBI said the explosions were well-planned. We know the Boston Marathon is seen around the world. And we know three people are dead, including an 8-year-old boy, more than 100 are injured, and countless lives have been scarred.

So if September 11, 2001, was the day our innocence was taken, then April 15, 2013, is the reminder that it is never coming back.

And we do not need the president to say the word to feel the word.

It is felt each time we have to take off our shoes at the airport, have an TSA officer pat us down, throw away a tube of toothpaste because it's over the allotted 3.4 ounces. The FAA temporarily restricted flights over the bombing site while security was increased in cities as far away as Miami and Los Angeles.

We do not need the president to say the word to feel it.

I was in central London earlier this month and was having a difficult time finding a garbage can whenever I had something to discard. Finally, I asked some of the residents why it was so hard to find one and was reminded that the Irish Republican Army hid bombs in garbage cans during the 1990s and as a result they are still seen as a security threat.

It forces us to empty our pockets, have our bags inspected and remove trash cans from the streets of a major international city.

We don't need the president to say the word to be reminded constantly that if we see something, we need to say something, blurring the lines between a healthy awareness of our surroundings and irrational paranoia. But then again, is our paranoia that irrational if something as celebratory as the Boston Marathon is no longer a safe place to be?

If September 11, 2001, made you cry, then April 15, 2013, should make you angry.

All of the laws, the creation of Homeland Security, the trillions spent, the political grandstanding and debates and yet the best we can do is make the country safer. We will never, ever be safe again. Not in the way many of us remember being safe growing up.

When I'm in a large crowded space, I check for emergency exits ... and I hate it.

But like love and good, evil is an omnipresent force imposing itself on the rest of society like an untreatable cancer. So while Obama telling the American people those responsible will "feel the full weight of justice," we are haunted by the fact that "justice" won't bring the victims back.

"Justice" won't undo the fear embedded in the people who were closest to the blast. "Justice" won't take us back to September 10, 2001 ... back before the word "terrorism" was on the tip of every American's tongue.

And make no mistake, while the president did not use that word in his news conference, that is the word federal authorities are using. Doesn't matter if the culprits of this heinous act came from afar or home. The origin of the person or persons responsible won't bring us the peace that we took for granted not so long ago. That peace is gone, forever. Our children will hear stories about this peace and our children's children will treat it as a fairy tale.

If April 15, 2013, was the day the Boston Marathon became a target for terrorism, then September 11, 2001, was the day we all were warned that it would be. Since then nothing has been the same.

Nothing will be the same.

loss of 3 lives would merely be a news for QL if happened in 3rd world.

May the souls of these innocent RIP.

Bit long winded. Nothing stays the same. Terrorism in one form or another has been around for centuries.

Boston or Bostaan Terror is Terror!

4 QLers Died while trying to read Kareena74 post

too long :(

It was a copy and paste of the CNN article.

Worth reading though..

Brit ,, it is really worth reading

but he is so Pessimistic, we can't say we are not safe anymore just because of 2 accidents, i know USA lost a lot and many people died and Injured, but still they can fix it.

What i wonder, how they could but the bombs in the place, it is a big event, how it wasn't 100% safe .. they are really well-planed

Pakistani Taliban deny any role in Bombings at Boston.

What a bunch of Retards... bomb exploded in USA and some people got killed... so what?

How about those who were killed in Iraq, in Palestine, in Africa, Asia... none of them made it in the papers headlines.

Shame on you.

Innalilah wa inna ilahi rajihoon :(

What are we actually discussing here...Loss of human by taliban or Loss of human by US or loss of human by kareena...why can not you guys stick to the topic..:(

Remy LeBeau

There is a difference that's why they are a headlined

The people who died and got Injured in Boston were not fighting, their only fault is that they were running, they were enjoying there marathon.

But the people in Iraq, Palestine they are in war, so unfortunately it is normal to have dead people everyday there, and that doesn't mean at all that we don't feel sorry and sad, doesn't mean that we don't care, but counting them everyday is not interesting, but they still writing about it in the newspaper, you can read it there.

But what Just happen in Boston has no reason to be happened

Regards :)

Breaking News

16 die in a Gold mine collapse in Ghana!

source BBC NEWS!

Yes they all are War with US cuZ US was in War with them. It is like someone comes to your home and destroys all ur family and belongings, kicks u out, he lives in and want to be ur friend as well.

This cold war in millions will be there at least for two generations or at least till the International Criminal Court bring Justice by trying D!ck Cheney Bush Blair and other historical War Criminals.

6 ants killed accidentally by coming under my shoe, 1 cockroach killed in my bath tub yesterday

Source : Myself

Theo..those who kill mankind are answerable to god...It says you kill one human being is like you kill the entire mankind

how do i know..I was walking....Lol...:P

I have same thoughts as you about soldiers leaders wars etc but my comment was in context with your comment "People like Remy are in war with the USA! And so are millions of others." I mean hating US by millions obviously have reasons behind it.

By the way at this time I think it is domestic, if it is international someone might have claimed it already. It is more than 12 hours now.

Oops ,, i mean he didn't

Edited !!

Thelonius ,, yes Sulieman did NOT kill the ants

we share the same name and the same kind behavior :)

No updates yet. Being a super power , watching Iranian underground nuclear plants & its progress why did not they trace the suspect and did not come up with any potential conclusion about Boston Yet?

Is there a CSI: Boston that we can call on for quick results ?

NO brit they will send CSI NY

They have FBI LAPD CIA and so many real CSI players.. In India recently Hyderabad blast they concluded within a day..

FBI has taken over the Boston Investigation. No conclusions yet except that there are no additional threats.

God bless the dead & injured :(

Some sick people in this world....

Bombings in Iraq, including one against an MP's convoy, killed three people and wounded 18

Two children have been trapped in their home after a landslide in western Kenya, police have told the BBC.

69 victims remain hospitalized with injuries from Boston Marathon explosions; 24 of those are critical

I just heard on the news that the police in the US has a suspect in custody who was identified from one of the videos. apparently the man is dark skinned.

Now the news is that the Us is denying to have taken anybody into custody.....I hope they make up their mind soon!

an unidentified official (doesn't want to show her name) said, FBI team is plotting a script and will come soon with a better one.

They must be shameful as being a super power still they did not find any suspect in their own country...however it has become their hobby to kill innocent civilians thousand miles away in Pakistan calling them suspects terrorists and militants..

Security officials clear Boston Courthouse, order staff, lawyers, media to leave - @ReutersUS

Keeping in touch with the real world helps to preserve ones sanity. But guess the intoxication and temptation of the virtual world now a days is so much that people spend 99% of their time while they are awake on the net and without them realizing it they then slip into a stage where they can easily be diagnosed as delusional. Hope someone can help them realize their condition so as to seek some help before it is too late.

been watching the manhunt all day i didn't get anything else to do today

I hope the second one is caught alive ..so we can get to the bottom of it..

Who is the person they shot..and who is the one still alive?

According to reports, the two are from Chechniya originally. The elder brother is dead and the younger one is on the run..

the brother who died was pretty cute. what a waste.

i don't like how cnn is suddenly emphasizing that they are muslims after the wrong declarations of a few days ago when they said the pics or videos they found seem to point to someone dark skinned. they're probably secretly glad that it's not one of them (white, suburban, all-american boys next door) again like timothy mcveigh or those who did the shootings

They shot suspect which doesnt make senses. It is much worse than Saudi who hang them after conviction after trail. Killing a suspect without brining him to court is something not convincing me yet about america.

You know landlover, I do not quite believe it all...it is just too convenient.

Yeah. I read that someone has recognized them or one of them as brother and she is dealing with authorities.

i take back what i said. dead guy was not cute. the hat and the sunglasses made him look good.

it's been more than 24 hours since the photos of them at the bombing came out and the younger guy still can't be found.

i wonder what their real motive is. everyone has forgotten about the conflicts in chechnya and they were probably too young to actually remember. the younger one seemed like a pretty normal kid and a lot of his former classmates didn't think he could have done something like this

The younger one is now captured. Who knows what the motive was, or who "brainwashed" two young men to commit such crimes.

I was reading about that KID , he looks brilliant

Dzhokhar, 19, was awarded a scholarship to pursue further education; he wanted to become a brain surgeon, according to his father

Referance : BBC news


What makes him to do that,,,,


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