Photo walk in Doha?

Are there any groups of photographers arranging photo walks here in Doha? Although its getting hotter these days and would be difficult to do it in the day time... but still..

is there anyone out there??

im interested ...but i dont knw much abt my nikon

Lets arrange one ..

we can gather interested people for the next week,and arrange an appointment date,time and where to start and where to end--will decide all this.

Like we can create a "DOHA PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB".

Then altogether we will shoot best spots..can participate in different photo activities in Qatar.

Its interesting and we will carry on while in Qatar.

i am sure lots of people out there interested in it..

We will get to know each other as well,make friendship..


Message me for further info..

every thursday night i used to go out with my friends for night photography...

and friday... day photography...

every week....

there is no point in keeping the camera inside the bag.

if any one dont know about camera and its settings, then of course we can share the knowledge...

well i am not a professional photography. i am still leaning from sequin miner photography...

i am ready to share everything i know...

take care.

see you friends...

I think it's great Idea. I am not in Doha Yet, but hope to be there mid-Summer if all goes well. I don't know about weekly meets but certainly lets start and see how it goes.



Decide on age limit & gender before forming any group ..

No limits... the sky is a limit and photography is a passion

I am interested too! Let me know how it goes

I know there's plenty but not my line of interest... try to check facebook im sure you can find what you are searching :)

Doha is like living on another planet... People come up with all sorts of funny idea's to keep'em busy... That's frustratingly funny :)

Ok guys then,who has

we need to have an experienced photographer to start with,

dont you think so?

When we are organized will open FB page and share..

Which day of the week is best for you to gather?

Age, Gender limitations,therm & conditions etc. we will declare once we form the club.

All intentions are clear: shooting best spots of beautiful Qatar and share.

Lets get this started...

write to my inbox for any suggestions..

ohh so many interested people?

thats a happy news.

i plan something for each week.

something new, something different.

thats how i spend the time with my camera.

if you want to take photos, then take your camera, start shooting...

no age, no need of groups no clubs. we can go in a group, but what happens is, most of the photos looks same. since we go to same location and shooting same subject but different people with different camera.

so lets dont waste time. tomorrow i plan to go out and take photos. if anyone wants to join, then message me.

i will send you the location i plan to go and what i plan to shoot. and my mobile number.

take care.

That's an overwhelming response.

Ok. I dont think a professional photographer or DSLR is a must for such activity until you have an endless passion for taking pictures outdoors.

Evening is the best time to shoot and letting the sun set. Starting from 3:30 till sun set.

So How about this Friday?

Starting from Katara or Fanar. Fanar being a center from all of the places of course excluding Al Khor and the Pearl :P

3:30 PM, Friday 14th June.

Gather at Fanar

Please respond here with a yes to confirm this plan.

or drop me an email at

Actually i am available on Saturday,,,

Lets do it on dat day on d same timing and places as you said..

Msg me for more

I am in but my problem is, I m staying in al Khor. Lets see if I can manage.

I am real Vishi9

just as i thought....

there is no one...

same like other post... this is also just a group of people who just talk and do nothing...

if u want to do something, then u will solve all the problems comes on the way.

if u dont want to do something, then there will so many reasons for not doing it..

take care.

Actually i've posted for moving it to Saturday which is tomorrow

Hi Guys,

Here in facebook you can find a group called Doha photowalk , which is recently created. Join the group so that we can share our experience and learn more.


Just curious , WHat happened to this plan ? Is it going on

We are organizing photowalk for every week. if anyone interested in street photography join the Doha Photowalk in Facebook.

This is my page have a look.

i am interested please let me know when

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