Pole Dance

hey guys! Is there a Pole Dance Lesson here in Doha by any chance???
Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and gymnastics. so, i think it will be allowed in a conservative country like Qatar...
I'm now really interested with it like how i'm into Yoga! :)

You will get the dance lessons for jazz/ramba/latin/samba and many more here..But i haven't heard about POLE dancing classes in doha..

I can provide the pole ................

britexpat i believe you if anyone can make it happen you can! :)

lol ruby..

there are so many poles on the cornish every friday we use to see dancing of red and blue shirt wearing people and making photos with it

you can easily learn from them


Do i need a certificate to teach? :)

I checked out some videos on youtube. And i believe i can teach you some basic stuff now :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Big effort i spend just for you :)))

Iawa, r u really serious?? lol

I can keep stalking while you're dancing! :)

you know they are going to make world record of pole dancing

soniya...how u heard bout ruby?!...you watching fil tv shows? heheheh...sorry for the hijack... anyway back to the topic....hehehe have no idea...just like to watch them dance...:-)


We should encourage this activity.

Maybe after enough well trained pole dancers, Qatar will open strip clubs :)))) ?

This should be the next logical step :)

Are we talking pole dancing or Maypole dancing here... A good old British past time to while away the hours..

strip dance or strip dancer

Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise like Aerobics...

i guess i have a negative answer from you guys,.,stick to Yoga instead!.,

Japple are you saying that "Pole Dancing" is now a performing art now? I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this, but the only places offering jobs to trained Pole dancers, also require you to remove your clothes, so there would be a limited market for this training here. I do wish you the best of luck in your search.

Just imagine Qatar 2022 Olympic Games, with Pole Dancing as an event…. Do you think that Qatar would allow this event…..

that you do for yourself but poledancing for the public


You can find many examples for such things japple. The important thing is : is it recognized by the majority of people as an exercise like aerobics? :)) i don;t believe so.

Ehh.. Of course pole dancing is an art.. Haven't you heard that? :P

if taking pictures is considered an art these days then anything could be an art. i don't see a big difference between pole dancing with semi cloths on and regular professional Arabic belly dancing that we see on TV.

Pole dancing is a fad.. It'll blow over in a year or two..

It started off in seedy joints and is now being elevated to sport :O)

thats why every friday people doing it on cornich


How about we create a pole dancing community? we should get organized like the volleyball and billiards guys :)

we can can get together and practice pole dancing :)))))))))

we will see many baqlas also there


what is a baqlas?

in tegalu (phlipines language)

If finally find one, let me know 'coz I'm also looking for one!!

Bink - Qatar bidding for 2022 fifa world cup not Olympics.

Bakla = gay

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Hi! I just wanted to ask if you had found a pole dancing class here in Qatar? I am interested with that. Thank u! :)

Heh! I'm happened to be born in poland. Moved to UK with my family when i was a puppy. Whenever i dance i suppose it's a pole dance, right? ;)

I'll teach ya!

But seriously get a handy man to fix a pole in your living room and you can practice day n nite. it's easy love. My ex was a professional pole dancer for over 10 years worldwide and it's an art, i do agree.

My sis is actually learning it now - back in UK, obviously.

It'll make your body toned and it's fun! I've landed a little but i'm a bloke and if you try to put a pipe between your legs and squeeze it, it hurts :(

Got a friend as well who does it for years and her body is perfect man!

TIP: use dry towel to wipe the pipe now and then, otherwise it hurts when you slide down...

That's as far as i can help, but not a clue were in Doha you could possibly learn it.

Get a handy man to fit the pipe and watch youtube!

Oh, and insure yourself ;)

Have fun!

need a friend yaar ...Qatar is a boring place ...hey dudes help me out of this lonliness

my ol friend "Arien" have a clip of me doing pole dance...good he didnt see this thread ! :)

Who went up digging pole dance in the search to find this old thread? and how in the world did miss this back in 2010!!

are you referring to LAP Dance :)

I knows who is he


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