Popeyes in Doha

Hi Folks,

Are there any Popeyes locations in Qatar?

There used to be a BIG Popeyes in Doha but it closed down. Now there is Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Fanny Mae, Willy Macs, Mc Donalds, and all the rest of that poison

 is on kahraba street stilllllllllll there.



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Yes Popeye next to Al Khairi Restaurant.

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omg there's a popeye here and i never knew...i'll kill you people

i love their biscuits and shrimps...am soooo dying for some right now!!!

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yay i love popeye's too, right after ramadhan me is gonna go pay them a visit...........coz he's popeye the sailor man.......toot toot...........:D

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Besides the one Vegas mentioned, there is no REAL Popeyes here.


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donno what the big deal is about popeyes, its been in doha for, hmmm... 20 years?? been seeing it since i was a kid, never really liked it much, mayb its not the real popeyes?

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hmmm there goes popeyes for me then,..........>goes to corner to sulk

life is stressful as it is, dont make it worse will ya...........

oh, i remember going there last year.

nice, quiet ambience. was checking out one of the little containers on the table, they had the name and telephone number engraved. the phone number was a 5-digit number. so guess the age, when did doha move to 6 digit numbers?

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But it just looked like a hole in the wall place...

Not a real poppeys

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been in Doha for over 30 years but it's not the international one.

I tried the popeyes in Doha. I had some 'broasted' chicken and felt sick afterwards. I don't think it's the same as the Popeyes you get in the US. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.



You can't teach experience...

i likd the waitress tho :P

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I only saw loads of Indians there.

No waitresses - just Indian guys. The food was appaling.

new popeye just open at ramada junction.. behind QNB bank...

The oldest and The best food you can have in Qatar

this place still gets orders from sheiks and even for the emir him self people come and bring him food from here

there is a popeyes here, the international one, bang on ramada junction before Jarir and the Eli France cafe..although I must say the food wasn't too great..Gulf Broasted still offers a much juicier and tastier broasted chciken and kfc still has the others beat when it comes to that fried junk food kick..the popeyes here i feel drown their chicken in too much batter/crumbs and then cook it to rock hard lol..i normally like almost any food especially when im starving but popeyes was a disappointment even on a starving stomach..maybe its only here and better elsewhere,,the way kfc too differs outlet to outlet:-)

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