Qatari related Ardhah (The Sword Dance)

Been to a Qatari Wedding 2 days back, and i captured some live images of local Qatari related dance call ARDHAH , it was a really different experience, thanks to my local for the opportunity to being a part of it,,, btw i was late to attend but manage to capture few of em....

Pics are cool. Different experience,interesting.. I would also like to visit one on my first chance..
yes it was totally different experience, even the food n their serves
very nice hope u had fun
And thanks to brother m3dad's post on the Ardah, I now know what it's about. My husband has attended quite a few weddings here and he too has quite enjoyed the festivities. TFS!
yes indeed m3dad507 , i loved it, on the first i was bit nervous coz the place filled with locals n their weapons, Lol, once i entered i felt quite comfortable, the way they treat n welcomed to their place etc, looking forward for another opportunity. BTW Guys u can find m3dad507 in a picture with a special move!
where is he? :)
Yes zafirah, find a man who waving a shot gun n he is the m3dad507 :)
great to see this dance.. i also like the one where the ladies dance shaking their long hair to music - what's that called ?
Brit i think you talking about Khaleegy Dance, You could enjoy that dances on weekends in UAE
No problems mate,,, next time will go together! :P

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