does anyone know if there is social organization as Rotary or Rotract in Qatar ?

i used search i found some old posts but couldnt contact anyone

thx :)

I had been a rotaract member in India some years back, but haven't heard of such an association here. Do let me know, if you find any links.
im rotaract member in Philippines but i dont think so if they have here in qatar
as juniors to rotary, yup me too :) haven't heard of them here yet...
Hi Brothers, Rotaries, Lions, Rotaracts many others are banned in Doha! Same like all masonic lodges! T.T.G.T.G.A.U Cheers, Fadi
There is no Rotary club in Doha We are trying to found one like in Bahrein there is 2 in Dubai 1 in Sharjah 1 in Abu Dhabi It is not banned it is not a masonic lodge Rotary is to serve If you are interrested to join us pls send sms to 5062765
This is not the same as the masons......
guy check ur mobile :) --------------------------------------------------------
fadi u got wrong hints nd info abt us :) --------------------------------------------------------
Guys, we have trive to get The Lions to Qatar & we didnt get any permission. anyways, please i am interested to join so tell me if things are going well! Cheers, Fadi
hi everyone, we need to confirm if Rotary Club of Qatar exist so we can ask them to sponsor and approve the plan to establish the Rotaract Club of Qatar otherwise we wouldn't be recognized by Rotary International.
Hi there, I was secretary of RI dist 3230 in India, havent heard any of that sort in Doha, even am keen to know more info. i searched for the organisation, but not able to find one in Doha :( To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Freemasons matter what you call it..someone had to say this... And in the corner of my mind....I celebrated glory

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