Too Sexy For The Saudi?

Men ejected from Saudi festival, deported for
'being too handsome'
WTF! Did I just read that correctly?

You are lucky that you don't have such a problem.

Female stalkers are a menace :O(

Reminds me of the case last year in Iowa where a female employee was terminated for being too beautiful AND the high court upheld the legality of the termination.

Yeah coz saudi is muslim country! even it's very stupid isn't?

LOL'z birt mate,You're just jealous because I'm so handsome :P

Babu..stay away from's too dangerous for you!

some look handsome from outside but normally they are mentally retarded from inside better they evacuated him for public nuisanse ............

All have botox and plastic surgery ther are no hansome men in Saudi their noses are to big

Its dangerous for me to go there...sure they will not deport me...they will hide me in their cup board...

Alex: Dude, don't wanna be a handsome guy in Saudi Arabia, you 'd get chased not only by women but other species as well :P

What does that make the rest of Saudi population, ugly people? Saudi is very insecure country

It's not that others are handsome, it is just that Saudis are ugly. And of course the women couldn't control themselves around such non ugly people.

laws made 700 or 1400 years ago, doesn't believe on boundaries, its all blessing from modern civilization.

A joke...

Beauty is like a poison in KSA


Glad am working in Qatar :p

To make themselves look better than they do. The story is way to ridiculous to be true!

This man could be one of them :(

Ridiculousness of Saudis

OMG Suli, you can't go there!

Some of those men are hotties, if only they were less camp.

Demeter ,, loooool

Yes unfortuntly i can't :(

tears on my pillow :'(

MN-01 ,,, hebeheheh

I don't know man ,, forget about it

Photoshop ,,, :D

I think Suli ‘d make the perfect candidate to live in Saudi.

He’s so ugly they put a picture of him in a farm and the crows brought back the corn they stole last year


hehehehehhe ,,

Suli - Oh my, it means I can't go there as well. They will not allow a woman with gorgeous muscles. LOL!

Demeter ,,, calm down :)

we will stay here ,, it is not even a good place to stay

losers !!!

Hey watch your mouth, little Snoopy!

You don't go dissin the Saudis, If ya know what's good for ya!

LOL! :)..

Done Copied n paste :P

Ah. So that's why they blocked me from Saudi.

hey BG, Suli and Frez Joe.. stop doing copy paste!!! grrrrr

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