Villagio Cinema

Hi I am going to villagio cinema tonight and was looking on the site for prices and cant find them. Can anyone tell me roughly how much it costs to view a film at night there? Thanks

the same 35 QRS per person

you can check the listings on

here is the link to the bcc which owns city center and villagion cinemas

QR 35/- and if a 3D movie den need to pay QR 10/- extra for the glasses

baba y r u following me

Now that you're going to Villagio Cinema, would you be able to write me a comparison review between Villagio and Grand Cinecenter? I just want to know if the screen sizes there are bigger than City Center Screen 1. Somehow i feel the audio system in the cinemas here are not Dolby Digital.

try The Mall Cinema guys! right sizes of screens for seat capacity, good sound, accessibility and BEST Nachos and Popcorn! enjoy !

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