World Of Warcraft

any world of warcraft playas out there..?!

I play but not so frequently and only on private servers

i play on a private server called

realm called wowcrack..



join me..

yea I play on wowscape too. Its going to be another month or so. I am on someones wirelss and will hve to get into my perma place to get my adl back.

I play wow/US but I'm still a beginner. And I always quit at lvl 14-18, because it becomes boring, I have no cool partner to play with me :'(

Never played on a private server, how can I get on it?

same as u


Thanks Qatar!!

Private servers r more fun coz u level up very fast & u don't have to do boring quests..

u wanna play on a private server..


there r many private servers around.. my favorite is..


they have writen the guide on how to use their Private server here


if u already have WOW installed on ur PC then skip the Patch Part..

if u didn't get it.. add me to messenger & i'll tell u how to do..

thanks you Master_mas.. I registered on WoWlegion Server

now i am updating the game now..

is it a free server? and how can u level up fast?

by quests or ..?


Thanks Qatar!!

register on WOWScape..

yess it's free..

they have done something to make u gain more XP everytime u finish a quest..

Wrath of the Litch King expantion pack is gonna be released on the 3rd on November..


damn cool..

i love blizzard..

WOTLK looks awesome. I might even restart my subscription to play.

The new DK class looks pretty cool.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

i din't get u.

wow gold

Hi Guys,

I just recently bought the World of Warcraft - Battle Chest from the US. I want to ask those of you who play the U.S. version. How's the loading time? Is it fast enough? I have 1MB ADSL Subscription on QTel, hope it's enough to play on the U.S. Servers.

It's my first time to play this game. I have not installed it yet. I'm still out of the country but will be back soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Thank you.

lol 3 threads dude!


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

@ johndelaguardia

better join a EU server.. US servers have hight latency here..

as u know the new expantion for World of Warcraft is gonna be released on 3rd November..

master mas, you buy a US or EU version?

If you play a few hours a night you can do it easily. Its getting to 70 which is a pain.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

EU.. US servers has high latency here..

what do u recomend , PVP or Normal..?!

& i'm still askin, who's with me..?!

I'm with you bro. I will prolly go PVP this time around as last time I went PVE and although cool I found myself doing a a lot of battle grounds.

Thing is most of the really serious end game raiding is done on PVE servers. I am into raiding so I dunno really.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar


ya, same here.. plannin to go PVP this time too.. i'm gonna be a human paladin..

i'll go buy the 2months game card tomorrow.. i'll post my game details here so u can find me ingame..

Hi Everyone, i've finally start playing WoW :-) Amazing game and very entertaining... Addictive as well... I'm on Antonidas server (PVE)... Night Elf (Druid)... on level 18. Still a noob so I'm learning more about it... Latency is okay... Doesn't notice any issues at all when playing except my internet connection keeps getting disconnected a lot of times for unknown reasons....



Nice to hear the latency isn't a real issue. Still waiting on my permanent house so I can get net connected.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

Private servers are just wrong I am sorry but that is my opinion.Most are populated by people who do not pay for the game.

The best part of warcraft is the social aspect of guilds and new friends.Latency is not an issue from Qatar to the real EU servers, Mine hovers round 325ms.

i'm starting over ..


Server (EU-English)

Realm Burning Steppes (PVP)

Troll Hunter

name: Alfaa


find me..

Any idea where to buy WOTLK in Qatar?

US version is available in several stores. Check Hyatt Plaza. I saw it there and in Landmark


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

Eh, playing the (real) WoW, is much fun then the private servers, cuz when you got no friends in the game, you know that there are 11 million people to play with, and.... raids, pvp is much more fun, I prefer getting money and buying world of warcraft for urself ....

Hi, which is the best character to play with? and PVP build advice for it pls. Thanks.


Retribution Paladin is very powerful in both pvp and pve.

i am planinng to start a new toon on a EU server cause the latency to the US servers is real badany insight about this or comment ?also if you are intrested on starting too email me

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