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For discussion on restaurants, events, clubs and other social activities.

  1. smoking behavior

    Some smokers can potentially control their coronary heart break but with definitely no nicotine in their very own body they begin to develop weaker and their physique fails to react. Consequently, to get rid of cigarette smoking behavior instantaneously isn't doable for each smoker on earth.

  2. Car Clubs?

    Does anyone know if there are any car clubs here in Qatar? I used to be a part of a few in the States, and just bought an Audi Q5 here. I would love to get to know other car enthusiasts and such.

    I know that there is a car group, but the last activity on that was 2 years ago!

  3. Wanted 'Creative Heads'..!

    Hi all,
    What about giving something back to the society we live ?
    Do you fancy being part of a creative vizual media team in Qatar !!!
    What about making a Short Film before ramadan ????
    This is a non-profit start up.

  4. Friday photography workshop

    Had a great opportunity to join our group in one of photography workshops that has been held this Friday. Found it useful and really liked the idea of bringing us, photography group members, together.
    to timebandit: thanks for being enthusiastic and inspirational)))

  5. Baptist Church in Qatar

    There is a place for your Christian life here in Qatar. Berean Baptist Church is welcoming everyone who wants to join the service, please see the facebook page " BEREAN BAPTIST CHURCH QATAR.God Bless.

  6. What to do in Ramadan time?

    Ramadan is coming and it's going to be my first experience as i've only been in Doha for three months now.

    Is it true that all the bars and restaurants will be closed?

    If so then what do people do socially during that time??

  7. Game: just for fun

    The Person Below Me or TPBM

    It's a simple game and you must have played it before...I will make a statement about the person below me; and the next member has to answer with either True or False before making a statement of their own.

    Still Confused?

    Here's an example: