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For discussion on restaurants, events, clubs and other social activities.

  1. Pacquiao vs. Bradley

    Its a bit dissapointing bout this match,its a split decision and hoping there will be a re-match on for those who have seen the fight,what can you say.

  2. where to buy fire extinguisher?

    I just realized the only fire extinguisher I have is in the car and i doubt it even works -_-
    where can i buy a fire extinguisher? I don't wanna go to industrial area .. somewhere in Doha maybe?

  3. Fire in Bin Omran, now under control

    An old villa caught fire in Bin Omran area about an hour ago, but thanks to the brave civil defense officials and fire fighters who put this fire off and brought everything under control without creating panic and no casualities.

  4. Places to visit or things to do?

    Hope to hear some bright ideas to collect from you guys for a better places to visit (either private or public) & fun activities idea to do here with the family over the weekends? We're just new in this place :)

  5. new

    im new here and i love it sooooooooo much but i dont have friends here so i wish i will make a lot of friends :)