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  1. necesito a un venezolano urgente

    hola necesito un favor de un ciudadano venezolano residente en qatar con cedula para hacer un tramite en la embajada necesito un testigo para una amiga que va a procesar el pasaporte de sus dos ninos y solo me tiene a mi necesitamos otro mas solo necesito copia de cedula para llevarla a la embaj

  2. Car tyre puncture

    Hello, Suppose .. your car's tyre got punctured & was subsequently fixed. Then.....later......

    With how many colleagues / friends / relatives would you share this incident & for how many days at the most ? !

  3. KFC Delivery really sucks!

    Me & my colleague ordered KFC today for lunch, I have placed my order on their dedicated phone number at 11:55 a.m. and I was told by the guy who took my order that it will be delivered within 35 minutes. Mind you I didn't ask him what time it will delivered bec.

  4. The windows 7 Scenarios 2

    The windows 7 Scenarios 2

    Use the windows 7 Health supplement , When you are trying to delete a file from my desktop but the Computer System won't Make it Conceivable for you do that.