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For discussion on restaurants, events, clubs and other social activities.

  1. having canon and nikon professional cam

    having those prof cams does not mean your a professional photograher. i do not call all the attention of prof. cam owners. i only just want you to know. your acting stupid , i mean your rolling in the street and its you huh, who's gonna say hey watch it im taking a shot! ...B*#ch please

  2. Guardian Angels

    I recently stumbled upon a heart touching story of how sometimes people or animals can appear in our lives and serve the purpose of a guardian angel, guiding us when we really need it.

  3. Booze prices down!

    This Wednesday only the Booze shop is offering 3 months allowance on all purchases for the day ! 50% off everything! Everything must go! Hurry whilst stocks last!

  4. Best Restaurant ???

    Hello All
    I would like to ask you about the price of the following restaurant. Please tell me which one is the best in terms of price and food. The restaurant are
    1. Dewaniyat Al Bukhari
    2. Bukhara
    3. Restaurant AL Demashqi.