What you need to know about flying drones in Qatar

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The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced yesterday on local newspapers that individuals without a license will be banned from operating drones in Qatar's airspace.

Even though the use of automated aerial vehicles were always prohibited in Qatar by law, it was never really enforced by authorities.

The CAA noted that Law Number 15 of 2002 prohibits unauthorized use of "automated or Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles (RPAS)," which are now popularly known as drones.

"Such unauthorised use (of drones) pose serious threats and hazards to the State Air Safety and Air Navigation," the CAA said.

Drones with cameras have become very popular in Qatar among photographers and video producers to capture aerial shots of places, events and activities.

It has also been reported that while drones can be purchased in some outlets in malls and standalone electronics shops, Qatar's customs authorities are strict about residents bringing drones from overseas.

If you're someone who operates a drone in Qatar for work or even as a hobby, you better start applying for a license and comply with the provisions of the law to avoid any legal action from the authorities.

To get a drone license, get in touch with Civil Aviation Authority - +974 44557333

[Photo Courtesy: Qatarism.com]

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