Visas and Permits
Permit to visit

By • 59 min 47 sec ago.

Hi, If I leave the job in Qatar i will have a ban of 2 years. Meanwhile I join a company in UAE but the same company als


Family Visa Procedure

By ravibharathi • 4 hours 22 min ago.

Hi, I would like to bring my wife in dependent visa to qatar. Could you please provide necessary details/minimum require

1 comments Sheen Services WLL • 2 hours 2 min ago.

Indian Embassy Salary Attestation Procedure

By shabin c basheer • 6 hours 48 min ago.

Hello Asalamu Alaikum Am Shabin From keraLa India.I Want To Attest My Salary Certificate In Indian Embassy For Loan Proc

2 comments Sheen Services WLL • 1 hour 50 min ago.

How to bring my family with me when moving to Doha?

By twgs • 12 hours 30 min ago.

Hi,I'm in the process of being offered a position to work in Doha.I'm Australian, but I live in Canada with my wife and

4 comments Wild Turkey • 11 hours 50 min ago.

Expired Unused Entry Work Visa really needs to be cancelled ?

By john-paul421 • 14 hours 39 min ago.

I have been issued an entry work visa but it was never been used and has not been stamped on my passport.


Gap needed for next application of family visit vis

By saltnpepper • 22 hours 58 min ago.

Dear All, I m in Qatar on Family Visit Visa and 6+1 month is getting expired on dec 18th.

6 comments iswariya • 22 hours 25 min ago.

Medical Problem

By Pretty A • 23 hours 24 min ago.

is the medical procedures in dubai is the same in doha?

2 comments britexpat • 12 hours 32 min ago.


By CaroR • 1 day 37 min ago.

Hello everyone!

2 comments FlyingAce • 1 day 19 min ago.

Regarding Family Visa

By bonnykhan • 1 day 6 hours ago.

Hello everyone. I need your practical advice on the basis of Qatar Family Visa rules and regulations.


Entry to Riyadh using Saudi Transit Visa

By muhabdrao • 1 day 8 hours ago.

I am travelling from Doha to Bahrain by Road. Does anyone know, with the same Saudi Transit Visa we can go through Riyad

2 comments britexpat • 1 day 7 hours ago.

Visit visa extension after 6 months

By iswariya • 2 days 8 hours ago.

Hi I have been staying in qatar for last 6 months due to personal problems I m trying to extend one or two months after

5 comments FlyingAce • 2 days 8 hours ago.

Smart id card

By Ghari1 • 2 days 11 hours ago.

Dear friends,My residency permit one year yani will be expired on 2017, So Can i apply for smart id card for 2 or 3 year

3 comments Sheen Services WLL • 2 days 10 hours ago.

Family visit visa for wife self sponsor or agency.

By SYED3233 • 4 days 6 hours ago.

Hi guyss... i am an indian citizen working in doha since three years.

5 comments Sheen Services WLL • 4 days 1 hour ago.

Is medical test for family available in eveng

By drselvak11 • 1 week 4 hours ago.

Can I take my family for medical test for RP in eveng? I heard it's open until 7pm. Can I get link for procedures to do

2 comments Sheen Services WLL • 1 week 3 hours ago.

Maid Visa

By Shimuzu • 1 week 5 hours ago.

Can anyone please tell me the steps to obtain a maid visa?Thanks.

5 comments zafirah • 1 week 5 hours ago.

why Emirates DOH office givin wrong information to the customers?

By nishu441 • 1 week 1 day ago.

I had an query with Emirates Doha office regarding my visa which was issued from Abu Dhabi airport , before I go to Duba

4 comments Rizks • 1 week 1 day ago.

VISA on obsolete passport

By khalidaslam01 • 1 week 1 day ago.

Pals, I have renewed my Indian passport, And valid Qatar VISA is still on the old/obsolete passport. I want to know, Do

4 comments britexpat • 1 week 1 day ago.

New born RP

By philrock • 1 week 1 day ago.

Hi, The situation as of now is, I went to apply for my newborn RP but was told that my wife needs to apply for the newbo

3 comments Molten Metal • 1 week 1 day ago.

Visa for Mother

By akthar2007 • 1 week 1 day ago.

Hi QL Folks!! Hope you are all in good health. I am planning to bring my mother here on Visit visa.

11 comments acchabaccha • 1 week 1 day ago.

Surgical Subspecialty Fellowship

By ching_chan • 1 week 2 days ago.

Good day, I am a new graduate general surgeon presently here in a Qatar. I would like to inquire whether Hamad is the on

1 comments Molten Metal • 1 week 2 days ago.


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