Visas and Permits

By randyorthon • 7 min 35 sec ago.

Dealing with your eye area is often one of the most difficult components of your skin to look after.

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By randyorthon • 8 min 20 sec ago.

Anybody can tell where this conversation is going as well as just what is incorrect with my pal?


Processing time for Indian passport renewal?

By Gujjuboy • 1 hour 58 min ago.

Hi, Can anybody please tell me average how much time it would required to renew Indian Passport at Indian Embassy?

3 comments britexpat • 1 hour 14 min ago.

How can i get visit visa or tourist visa for Saudi Arabia

By Teacher_SL • 3 hours 56 min ago.

Dear Friends, how can i get visit visa or tourist visa for Saudi Arabia to visit my family in Riyadh & Jeddah .. Thanks

1 comments britexpat • 3 hours 50 min ago.

Is NOC Needed or Not From 1st Spetember 2016

By Cris@7 • 1 day 9 min ago.

Hi There, I got my RP cancelled last in the month of June-2016 and i don't have my question is, can i come back t

9 comments britexpat • 1 day 3 min ago.

Visa Expired

By Sreejith Jayalumar • 1 day 3 hours ago.

Hi, I am from India, working here in Qatar for the last 2 years with Engineer Visa.


When is the earliest I can renew the RP?

By mazira • 1 day 16 hours ago.

Hi all, Previously I understand that we can renew our RP starting from 6 months before its expiration date.

7 comments Molten Metal • 1 day 6 hours ago.

Change name for my 5 years old Son

By abuasim_qatar • 2 days 1 hour ago.

Hi All,I submit the application (Gate 2, Floor 2 Main Immigration) to change name Committee for change name of my 5 year

2 comments muad-db • 1 day 15 hours ago.

traffic fine discount

By lalqatar • 2 days 15 hours ago.

dear QL viewers, let me know traffic fine discount still available if pay within 30 days ?

5 comments Jezmir • 2 days 13 hours ago.

Can I travel qatar on my new passport (visa & Qatar Id on my old passport)

By Ramakrishna233 • 2 days 20 hours ago.

Hello,I stayed 2 years in qatar.presently I am in india I lost my passport.

6 comments muad-db • 2 days 17 hours ago.

Return Permit

By spc • 2 days 23 hours ago.

Hii ..

2 comments jackson003 • 2 days 19 hours ago.

Getting RP for family Demystifyed

By masax • 3 days 1 hour ago.

Hello,Well, I recently got RP for my spouse, but for me, it was not easy and straightforward so I thought to pen down an



By humanoftheworld • 3 days 5 hours ago.

Have somebody used this service "issue Return Visa" in Matrassh"My wife is on Family Visit Visa.

1 comments masax • 3 days 2 hours ago.


By NimbuPani • 3 days 5 hours ago.

One of my friend joined a company 1 year ago and now wish to switch to another company with NOC and visa transfer from c


Lost and Found in Doha

By shinbhi • 3 days 15 hours ago.

Lost my QID #28560808929. If found please contact this number 50791224. Thank you verymuch!

2 comments muad-db • 3 days 8 hours ago.

Noc format for changing sponsorship

By JESIM AMEER • 3 days 17 hours ago.

Pls tell me the format of NOC for changing sponsorship from my current sponsor to another sponsor.

1 comments abdul gafar • 3 days 5 hours ago.

working visa

By Ainiiii • 3 days 17 hours ago.

Hello im anni, I live in Germany iam a german National i want to work in qatar for some months do i need a work per

8 comments britexpat • 3 days 16 hours ago.

Change visa for new company

By tshanaka • 3 days 20 hours ago.

i have my NOC but old company computer card is expired is it a issue for stamp visa from new company 


what is the rate of overtime?

By Sue Gabrielle • 3 days 23 hours ago.

Good Day to All, I am working for almost 3 years in my company (restaurant) out timing is 10:30am to 11:30pm and they pa

7 comments Happy Shah • 3 days 21 hours ago.

Can I enter into in Dubai airport?

By nishu441 • 3 days 23 hours ago.

Can I enter into in Dubai airport with  a valid visit visa issued from Abu Dhabi airport?

3 comments britexpat • 3 days 21 hours ago.


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