Visas and Permits
Changing of job

By abudi05 • 17 hours 59 min ago.

hi good day, i just want to ask if u have to wait for 1 year before i can change a compny If they will be able to provid

4 comments britexpat • 17 hours 18 min ago.

recruitment process of Qatar Army?

By rehma2013 • 2 days 19 hours ago.

Does anyone know the recruitment process of Qatar Army?What's next after medical and fingerprints for hiring a qatar bor


Qatar Visa under process (singapore to Qatar)

By frienshell • 2 days 20 hours ago.

Hi, We were planning to bring 1 phil lady here in qatar, because there is so many process needed if we will do direct hi


Family Residence Visa Sponsorship Requirements

By batman007 • 3 days 16 hours ago.

Guys, I need to know the complete and updated requirements to sponsor my spouse's family residence visa. What are they?

1 comments britexpat • 3 days 14 hours ago.


By maryolad • 6 days 15 hours ago.

hello,my visit visa will expire in two months time.

3 comments • 6 days 15 hours ago.

change of sponsor

By Med mahjoub • 1 week 5 hours ago.

Hi, I am new in Qatar for working and I have got my RP since 6 months.

1 comments • 6 days 16 hours ago.

Profession Change

By ajay_j • 1 week 21 hours ago.

Hi all, In my Qatar ID my Job description is mentioned as “Technician”.


Need information

By Nila Prayag • 1 week 1 day ago.

Hi allMy name is Nila Prayag...I need suggestions and informations for my doubt..Thanks in advance for valubale comments

9 comments SK Imran • 1 week 1 day ago.

Visa stamping

By thoppirx • 1 week 1 day ago.

I have a valid kuwait work visa in my passport. some people say that it is not possible stamp work visa in Qatar.

4 comments • 1 week 1 day ago.

Attestation procedure for Arabic Translated Documents in Qatar

By bhoomaiah • 1 week 3 days ago.

Hi,What is the procedure to get the MOFA attestation on Arabic Translated Document in Doha.? I have original docume

2 comments • 1 week 3 days ago.

personal loan in qatar

By arul387 • 1 week 4 days ago.

Hello everyone,greetings of the day!!!!!!!!I took personal loan in Qatar in 2013 for 4 years and I top up in 2015.


Hiring a Housemaid from Philippines

By shanfv • 1 week 5 days ago.

I have received approval to hire a Housemaid in Qatar.

2 comments britexpat • 1 week 5 days ago.

Work visa application Duration

By rajeev86_p • 1 week 5 days ago.

Hello,My wife's employer had applied for the work visa on 9/3/2017.

6 comments • 1 week 3 days ago.


By • 1 week 5 days ago.

Dear QL Friends, Please explain; actually my visa designation is Accountant, i got a good offer but they have a visa on

4 comments sneakerhead • 1 week 5 days ago.

VISA Block

By teepee08 • 1 week 6 days ago.

is there such thing as visa blockage in qatar?

1 comments sneakerhead • 1 week 6 days ago.

Family Visiting Visa?

By tony2010 • 1 week 6 days ago.

Hello thereI relocated to qatar , its been 4 months now and i wish to bring down my family (Spouse and kid) for a visiti

8 comments iswariya • 1 week 6 days ago.

Change Individual Visa to Family Visa

By mohankumarvg • 1 week 6 days ago.

hi,     I am working in Qatar for past two years, As my salary not reached 10000 QAR, am unable to get fa


Which Profession is Eligible to get Family Visa

By • 2 weeks 16 hours ago.

Dear All,My Profession in the Visa is Sales Manager.

4 comments sneakerhead • 2 weeks 46 min ago.

visa is about to expire and can't be transfer to working yet due to unavailability of female working visa yet

By morehh • 2 weeks 21 hours ago.

hi, good dayi needed help and advice, im on a visit visa not immediate family to be exact that could only last for 3 mon


(Repost) Qatar ID to be used as an exit visa: Is it possible?

By PM-me-ur-masala • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Hi again. I posted this last time, but garnered zero responses.

6 comments Dracu • 2 weeks 1 day ago.


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