Thina Bautista Relojero
By Thina Bautista ...

I applied for a family visit visa for my husband but this morning upon checking the result is "APPLICATION REJECTED" can anybody tell me what can I do next. I really want to bring my husband here. Thank you.

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By ayaanthasmeer• 4 days 9 hours ago.

u can what up on +94774794268

By Thina Bautista Relojero• 5 days 15 hours ago.
Thina Bautista Relojero

Yes Iswariya... i submitted everything, is it possible to submit again another application?

By bernzkilot• 6 days 11 hours ago.

Hi Britonie. i saw you comment on lots of forums. i just want to ask if you know this. is it possible to get here from philippines to qatar with business visa without being offloaded in the immigration in the philippines? im hoping for your reply and any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

thank you

By iswariya• 1 week 5 hours ago.

Why rejected ?

U have submitted house aggrement

Marriage certificate attested

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