Wife Under Husband Sponsorship

By keicee018

My mum is under the sponsorship of my Dad.

My Dad needs to leave Qatar for good and his company will cancel his visa soon. Let say the RP will be cancelled on Thursday and he's flying out on Sunday.

I heard that there's a grace period of 30 days for all RP holders.

Question is: Can my mum still stay in Qatar (during the grace period) though her sponsor who is my Dad will leave the country ahead of her? Thanks in advance!

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By ismailki• 11 months 1 week ago.

He has to cancel the dependent visa first, then only his sponsor can cancel his visa.

Hope it is clear.

By sneakerhead• 11 months 1 week ago.

brit is right. she has to leave as well.

By britexpat• 11 months 1 week ago.

I believe that she has to leave the country before or at the same time as his departure

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