Visas and Permits

By Kabir Nagar • 5 hours 17 min ago.

Hello Everyone,I want to apply Family RP for my Wife and Daughter, and have gathered all the below listed documents.


birthday wrong in visa

By mabk96 • 7 hours 31 min ago.

Hi,i just received my work visa today and i already booked for my flight on 25/07/2017 my name on visa is correct but th

3 comments • 7 hours 15 min ago.

Is health insurance needed for visitor visa?

By mayhem • 1 day 2 hours ago.

Do visitors need to have health insurance prior to coming in? 

6 comments Molten Metal • 10 hours 40 min ago.

VISA issue due to issue between Qatar & few GCC countries

By Thambidurai K • 4 days 20 hours ago.

Hi all, I am Thambidurai from India. I have earlier worked in countries like Qatar,UAE,Kuwait,Bahrain etc.



By thapadipen • 5 days 2 hours ago.

Hello there!I applied for family visit visa two days back and now the status is shown as 'THE APPLICATION IS DEFERRED'.W

5 comments Deleerious • 4 days 21 hours ago.

Current Company blocked by CID now I can change my Employer to New Company

By Shyamkatawal • 1 week 3 hours ago.

Hi allcan anybody advise me for the following matter:I am currently working with an employer for more than 1.9 years and


RP transfer process to new passport

By haider114 • 1 week 1 day ago.

 please advise how to transfer RP to a new passport from an old expired Passport.What documents are required? 

1 comments muhammad yasir siddiqui • 1 week 1 day ago.

Visit Visa for Oman - Any one can provide information

By stanlyv • 1 week 2 days ago.

I wish to visit Oman for 10 days can i get a visa on arrival . Please help

1 comments muhammad yasir siddiqui • 1 week 1 day ago.

Benefits of Employee and Engineer designation mentioned on Qatar RP

By shadabdelhi • 1 week 3 days ago.

I have newly joined a qatar goverment organization. Now I need to change my RP for famility & Driving purpose here.


Family visa

By Salih.c.p • 1 week 4 days ago.

Dear All My visa profession is System_Administrator , Can i apply for family visit visa .

13 comments iswariya • 1 week 3 days ago.

How to change my nationality in Qatar?

By Okayd • 1 week 4 days ago.

I am wondering if you help and give me information about how to change my nationality cuz I was born in Qatar but I leav

1 comments Molten Metal • 1 week 3 days ago.

Family visit visa expiry date

By jz. • 1 week 4 days ago.

Hello Everyone, I had applied for a family visit visa for my mother and the expiry date is 18th July 2017 on the vi


Family RP

By Azeem2424 • 1 week 6 days ago.

Anyone here can suggest any agency who do the PRO job (reliable) ,i need to get my family RP done . thanks 

2 comments iswariya • 1 week 4 days ago.

Looking for a recruitment agency here in Doha

By melodyalterado777 • 1 week 6 days ago.

hi, can anyone please suggest me to find a recruitment agency here.


QID expired not cancelled by previous employer

By lleane • 2 weeks 22 hours ago.

Hello everyone.


my fathers RP is Cancelled what will be the consequences and what will happen to family under his sponsorship.

By blubuluran • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Greetings to all, I would like to ask about our situation, My father is working on semi goverment company now he wa

2 comments sneakerhead • 2 weeks 8 hours ago.

to bring parents in visit visa documents

By iswariya • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

please tell supporting documents to bring father and mother

7 comments Zam Zam • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Failed Fingerprint

By lbrrz • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

I have very sweaty hands and the skin on my palms are too thin.

3 comments acchabaccha • 2 weeks 1 hour ago.

Delay in Work Entry Visa for a female

By pk.sana95 • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Deal All, I've got a good job from a well reputed company in Qatar, and its been 3 months and i haven't received my work

5 comments idreeskhan • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Visit MoI to check you own Visa approval

By jozeeeee • 2 weeks 4 days ago.

HI All, I am changing my sponsor to a new one, and the visa approval has been deferred.



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