Visas and Permits
Lost passport

By Kenanbih • 1 day 4 hours ago.

Hello everyone,I lost my passport in Doha on 20.02.2018.


Qatar Family Happy to Join you Successfully

By kimwilsonblandin • 1 day 23 hours ago.

i actually found a professional who process my passport and Visa i want to say Thanks to all QatarLiving 

1 comments S.mohd • 1 day 20 hours ago.

Tranfer company after more than 1 year of working

By Sherylene • 2 days 10 hours ago.

Is it possible to transfer to another company after more than 1 year only of working even u have a 2 year contract here

1 comments S.mohd • 2 days 5 hours ago.

travelling outside qatar with name changed on here new passport but not on here RP visa.

By yow • 2 days 14 hours ago.

Hello Guys n Gals!


Expacts Duration of Stay outside Qatar

By Riteshkgt • 2 days 16 hours ago.

Hi,I need urgent suggestion. If anyone is out of doha since 06 months, when will the 6 month finally ends.

1 comments ani_chy • 1 day 18 hours ago.

ADLSA Approval duration

By jijinmb123 • 3 days 6 hours ago.

Anybody has idea how long it will take to get the approval once applied job change on ADLA webdite?


Visa changing dept office location

By irfan ahamed • 4 days 3 hours ago.

I am planing to go for visa profession change, I have all the required documents, may I know where is the office locatio


Stay in Qatar without Job

By ronz • 1 week 19 hours ago.

Hi allIs there any possibility to get a visa for staying in Qatar (resident permit) as I lost my job but would like to c

2 comments Morane • 1 week 16 hours ago.

Computer card expiry

By hemanthkriz • 1 week 1 day ago.

What happened if the computer card expires and sponsor cannot be reached .

1 comments acchabaccha • 1 week 18 hours ago.

Family RP - Deferred - Suitable Designation

By Benito Miranda • 1 week 2 days ago.

Hi My application is in deferred status because I am holding Diploma In Mechanical Engineering certificate but having En

2 comments iswariya • 21 hours 15 min ago.

searching job

By Ravindra Rathore • 1 week 2 days ago.

 Please check / post in QL Classifieds (Moderator)


Renewed passport - how many days to transfer my rp details

By Zeynep424 • 1 week 2 days ago.

Hi, I just got my renewed passport and gave to company pro yesterday.I just wanted to know how long does it usually take

1 comments acchabaccha • 1 week 2 days ago.

How to obtain Qatar Family Visa or Family Residential Visa for your spouse

By sajeer143sachu • 1 week 3 days ago.


2 comments Benito Miranda • 14 hours 46 min ago.

Qatar No Entry Rules (2018)

By likesubir • 1 week 4 days ago.

I was in Qatar before 3 year and 2 month.I bought my visa from my friend .when i went in Doha he don't make my id & not


My Passport Missing

By Ansarijaseem • 1 week 6 days ago.

Dear ALL QL Readers Please note   lost  my Indian Passport (M1389007) in Doha ( approx missing 05-02-2018

1 comments acchabaccha • 1 week 6 days ago.

Hepatitis B & RP

By Mirzarafiqulzaman • 2 weeks 9 hours ago.

Is below information is true and still valid as i have hepatitis B and have job offer in administrative category.

2 comments iswariya • 2 weeks 7 hours ago.

Medical insurance for family on visit visa or RP

By ashlym • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

If the company doesn’t provide medical insurance for the family and the employee, is there any way to get the insurance

1 comments iswariya • 2 weeks 7 hours ago.

Return visa

By faizaljmf • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

Enquiry for Return visa applications via Metrash 2 can I apply for return visa for my family before exit .


Tourist Visa for my wife (Newly wed) need advise and opinion

By bernzkilot • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Hi Guys! i am writing this to ask for some opinions and suggestion.

2 comments acchabaccha • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

Family Visa

By af0 • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Hello,I want to start working in qatar as I have had many offers but I want know if I'm able to bring my family with me,



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