Visas and Permits
How to get Transit Visa ?

By vaseemmd.724 • 29 min 37 sec ago.

Assalamualikum I'm holding QID and my cousin living in UK he is travelling to India and before Going back to UK, he want

2 comments acchabaccha • 20 min 43 sec ago.

permanent application submission place query

By iswariya • 2 hours 23 min ago.

which center we can apply for permanent visa plz help. ..

1 comments britexpat • 1 hour 28 min ago.

Family Residence Visa Linked to your Spouse Company Sponsorship

By batman007 • 13 hours 17 min ago.

Is the Family Residence Visa linked to the sponsorship of your spouse's company? Let's say your spouse sponsored your fa


Name in Visa and passort

By SYED3233 • 20 hours 22 min ago.

hi guys, Just now i received visa, i have a small query. Name of my spouse in her passport is syeda naheed kauser

3 comments Sheen Services WLL • 18 hours 49 min ago.

Family visit visa status - Under Process

By SYED3233 • 22 hours 12 min ago.

Hi All, I applied to family visit visa on Wednesday , same day received message saying application received and when

5 comments muad-db • 21 hours 44 min ago.

Project Visa- Sponsorship Change

By saleemchotu • 1 day 10 hours ago.

Dear QL friends,Iam in Qatar since 3 years.Recently i have got an offer from new company they need the visa change.

3 comments britexpat • 1 day 14 min ago.

Family Visit Visa

By InquiryJay • 1 day 19 hours ago.

Dear QL's.Can someone advise me which is the best immigration office for applying family visit visa, and what are the ti

6 comments Sheen Services WLL • 1 day 14 hours ago.


By Taufiq2014 • 3 days 12 hours ago.

Do I need to close my bank account also while i cancel my RP as i still need to get my settlement from company ? Will

1 comments ismailki • 1 day 15 hours ago.

Visa Transfer

By scrappykoko12 • 3 days 15 hours ago.

Hello. Since the new labor law will be implemented on Dec.


residence permit

By bryan.86 • 3 days 19 hours ago.

good day!


MMUP Exam Clarification

By jeeva.naveen • 3 days 20 hours ago.

I finished my Engineering in Electronic & Communication (ECE )But I'm working in Electrical field now ,If i apply fo


rejected visa family permanent

By V.P.Kumar • 3 days 22 hours ago.

if family permanent visa rejected in qatar when we can apply again... within how many months gap

5 comments britexpat • 3 days 20 hours ago.

Coming back to qatar after vacation

By Theviz • 3 days 22 hours ago.

Hi Friends Actually i came to india 27 days ago on my emergency leave for medical surgery.. My company grant me 25 d

1 comments techn • 3 days 21 hours ago.


By iswariya • 4 days 2 hours ago.

if family permanent visa REJECTED when we can apply again whether we can apply in any other service center


Immigration center

By iswariya • 4 days 11 hours ago.

to apply permanent visa which immigration center


immigration center ESPECIALLY permanent family visa

By iswariya • 5 days 8 hours ago.

hi everyone I m planning to apply permanent visa in which center we should apply for family permanent visa any specific


Changing Job on business visa before contract

By mrjunaid • 5 days 14 hours ago.

Hi, I am working here in doha from last 9 months and my company was not able to provide me visa due to my country as the


Getting Job for my wife

By Muralitharan Natesan • 5 days 15 hours ago.

Dear All, I am working in Construction company past 2 years...I want to bring my wife here..She is a software Engineer


Visa proceedure for a New born Baby outside Qatar, Not in Qatar

By Sharmil Ameer • 5 days 22 hours ago.

Dear Friends, Need your advice, My baby was born outside Qatar & now in Qatar by On arrival Visa.


I need tenancy (house contract) for wife visit visa

By 31168815 • 6 days 4 hours ago.

Dear all, I want to bring my wife on visit visa in Qatar. I have all documents ready except house contract.



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