Is any vaccines in accounts or internal audit??

By Yasar Arafath Kdm

Assalamu alaikkum. 

I'm a CA final student  able  to manage accounts of any organization . I have experience  as internal auditor,chief accountant in hyper market etc...Please inform me if any visa available.. 

My email is



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By Molten Metal• 3 days 6 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Accha, You are really doing good job at QL. We need to pull the gals / guys to the higher levels. We wish , everybody at QL make progress with every new Sun & Moon.


My Salaam to Yasser, We welcome him with open hearts !

By acchabaccha• 3 days 7 hours ago.

You have the wrong word "vaccines" in your subject line. One QLer Molten Metal who is very good at English, will be shortly advising you of the correct word.

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