Can Hamad hire nurses locally?
By samroentgen • 4 years 1 month ago.

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Hello everyone! I am just wandering if somebody knows how long will it take for my application will be processed in Hamad Hospital? I am a nurse and I already sudmitted my application in Hamad 3 days ago. The man in the recruitment desk told mo to wait for the call,.As far as I know they conduct an written exam and interview,. I would like to know if how long would it take to wait for my schedule of exam and interview so that I can immediately look for another option. I already resigned from my work last March and I came here with a visit visa then converted to husband visa. Your reply is highly appreciated.Thank you!

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By anonymous• 4 years 1 month ago.
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But u will miss the allowances, if u r joining from here !!,,,

if u r under your husband visa u will get the job very easily but you wants to go there every week and remind them.

if u know somebody who working in hamad and they can move your file fast,,

try your best


By samroentgen• 4 years 1 month ago.

are you a nurse also?

By friendlyme• 4 years 1 month ago.
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Yes. by husband visa you can be hired locally by Hamad but maybe without the usual benefits (housing, transport etc..) being enjoyed by overseas hired nurses.

By samroentgen• 4 years 1 month ago.
samroentgen you know how long will the process would take?

By Ogunsakinkunle• 4 years 1 month ago.

Pls help me out with useful hints. Am a male Nurse,came to Qatar in less than 2 months ago with work visa.I have made two attempts to submit my CV with Hamad, but the gentlemen at the applicants desk told me to spend 1 year in Qatar before coming to submit my CV. This sounded strange to me because i have never heard it anywhere in this whole wide planet where a Registered Nurse will have to wait for a specified time before applying for a Job.Have passed my Pro-metric here and my Data flow chart is done.

Pls, what else can i do?

By samroentgen• 4 years 1 month ago.

Sorry, I don't know about the working visa because when I went to HR department they preferred Husband visa..other visa is not accepted according to the HR,.

By shamsuhpd• 3 years 9 months ago.

Yes Ogunsakinkunle.... as they said you can change your sponsorship after one year only.. that is immigration rule.. Gud luck...

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