Company tracks employees remittances

By Sakina_bano

Do company tracks the remittances which I send to my native country through money exchange?

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By Sakina_bano• 2 days 11 hours ago.

Thank you so much....

By Olisehenry1• 2 days 18 hours ago.

Thats none of their business mydear its your earnings you worked for over the month....

By Molten Metal• 3 days 23 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Sakina, No need to worry at all. It is your earnings, you can use it, send it to anybody, anywhere ............... Do not tell your colleagues or friends about your plans.

By rajeev86_p• 3 days 23 hours ago.

nope... Govt can though.

By acchabaccha• 4 days 2 hours ago.

No, they don't.

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