Document Controller duties

Good morning!just want to ask about document controller job.What are the duties & responsibilities of doc controller in Qatar esp in logistics?answers much appreciated.God bless!


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Please Google Document Controller Job Description, there is loads of information on that.

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I think jenica wants a discussion on the roles and responsibilities of a document controller in a firm.


Fundamental rules of being a DC - receive, register, distribute and file (except if your company has clerks they can do the filing)

document control is simply handling documents within a flow system and procedure, archiving, security, packaging and publishing.

An advance company may utilize electronic document control system, and for this thread, I will tell you, this is the so called - PRIMAVERA EXPEDITION. just try to read its literature and surely, you will know what is document contol. And furthermore, i am sure, if you were called for an interview, and u discussed with your prospective boss info like Primavera Expedition, the chance of hiring you is high. Believe me..

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I wish it was that easy, it requires more than just filing. Do you have a DCB where you work, or only one person is in charge?


That's expert's talk.


. proper handling of documents

. ensure traceability of revisions if in construction documentation

. proper filing of documents including data entry and encoding

. ensure that necessary documents can be provided when required.

depending on the standards of the company you're in

simple only, practice makes perfect, don't pretend you know it, ask and remember the instruction

Version control applies in all disciplines, not only in the construction field.


i ment traceability of revisions my friend, i said in construction coz i'm not sure about the procedure in other line of work if it's for traceability & test packing or simply for records only

There is software used for "traceability of revisions", I'm not sure if this can anymore be done manually. Some firms have a board dedicated for that chore.

If you care to elaborate or provide a link, that would be great, if not, don't feel you have to..)



You control documents.

The nasty part of any contract =

"And secondary tasks assigned by the management"

This clause is not in my


what are the basic fundamental duties of document controller in a contracting company?

document controller is the resposible for filing the company's document, receiving incoming and out-going letters from or to the company.

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