Help....Bank Clearing Code?

What is a "bank Clearing Code" Is it the same as a routing number?


Which Bank Clearing code / Routing Number / ABA Numbers / Chips UID / BLZ Numbers ???? ARE U LOOKING FOR WHAT ????
SAAN....To do a wire transfer the bank needs a "Bank Clearing Code" for the bank receiving the funds..Is that the Swift code or Routing number?
Wire Transfer not required Routing Numbers, if you have Bank Identifier code - means - SWIFT BIC... Example - DOHA BANK - DOHBQAQA - COMMERCIAL BANK - CBQAQAQA - KHALIJI BANK - KLJIQAQA ETC ETC moreover in US payments required Routing Number, FED WIRE Chips UID .. ETC ETC
Vicky is you are making the WT to the US you need the SWIFT code of the destination bank. Regards!!!!
Thanks everyone.....I appreciate your help!
If you are transfering money to the U.S, you need an account Routing Number of the receiver.
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