how to check qatar visa

i had an application here in the philippines before. I didn't give my orginal passport to my agency and yet they were able to receive a released visa from my qatar employer. i didn't see it at all. I phoned the agency and checked if my visa was still there, but they told me I was already replaced by somebody else. And my visa was already cancelled because it already reached 6 months. now, I have an application in apollo doha clinic and we need to verify the visa. so there will be no conflict when i apply another. i don't have the visa no. please help..


If your Visa has been cancelled already then you have nothing to worry.

Also you did not enter Qatar before and you have no Residence or working visa under your name being issued by a Qatari employer thus you have no record at the Immigration Dept of Qatar.

So go ahead and pursue your application there is no conflict.

Good Luck

yeah..thanks a lot..goodluck to me.

i am starting to worry again because, i read a comment somewhere in the visa question topic. i was issued a working visa last year as a private nurse. but i was shocked since they were able to issue me a visa without my original passport with them. I learned also that they were hunting me for six months from the date of my visa release. in short, I did not accept the visa and the job. so it was cancelled. Now, my papers are in process already for qatar clinic. will they be able to apply me for another working visa or i am already considered bannned for entering qatar for two years? pls help me.

As long as you haven't entered Qatar and your RP is not processed, I don't think that there would be any ban for you.

P.S: They just need a copy of passport to get work visit visa issued, no need of original for it. They stamp on original passport once your RP is processed after you enter Qatar.

alright..thanks for your advices..

alright..thanks for your advices..

alright..thanks for your advices..

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