How to invest in stock market?

Is there an online brokerage? I have residence permit.


if you are talking about Qatar's market specifically... i believe (personal opinion strictly) that long term investing is the way to go in Qatar for average-investors-with-lives-and-jobs kind of investor, like yours truly.

If you have the time to watch the market's slightest movements by the minute, then you can also make a lot of money by being a day trader, but it's more risky and is almost a full time job by itself.

hope this helps.


how can I start or enroll, is there any available guidelines online for expats in qatar? in English transcription. are expats are welcomed?

Thanks Mastercheif for reply, but I want to know how can I contact a broker even for long term stock/mutual fund investment

Contact Internaxx, They trade in most of the larger exchanges around the world, but not sure if they can trade on the Doha exchange

You first need to open an account with brokerage firm. You can trade via the internet or via phone with broker. I was told there are only 2 brokereage firms in Doha. One that I know is Dlala Broker.

As per my knowledge...

Expatriates are not allowed to INVEST in STOCK MARKET...

Even though u have Residence Permit...

Only CITIZENs are allowed to make money from SHARE MARKET...

Yes expats are allowed (sorry Jezmir).. what you are not allowed to participate in is IPO's (initial public offerings), which is the usually limited to Qatari nationals, and occasionally GCC nationls.

However, once the stock is available in the market for trading, you can knock yourself out buying and selling it.

You need an investor number (NIN number) which can only be acquired from the DSM (Doha Securities Market/Grand Hamad street), you take that and then go open an account with a brokerage firm. Mine is with The Group. People are leaning towards Dlalah nowadays due to better service mainly. i believe they both charge the same (0.4% fee per any buy/sell trade) .

Funding your brokerage account (to buy stock) or cashing out (after you sell stock) can be a hassle and long waiting ; i suggest you go to QNB, they will open an account (or you can use your existing account if you have one) for you and link it to either The Group or Dlalah accounts. you can put money in/out of your brokerage account through the bank which can be less of a hassle.

hope this helps.

sorry forgot to mention that both the Group and Dlalah offer online/mobile trading

Excellent tips on how to invest in stock market

non residence will can invest in qatar stock market?

I mean non qatari people

if possible what are the process of investment of qatar stock market for non qatari guys

investing to secondary market only for IPO non qatari guys can not invest that one i know. tell me about for secondary market.

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