On-the-job training of HRM student
By sabelites • 4 years 2 months ago.

Hi my fellow QL members!My daughter is graduating student with the course of Hotel and Restaurant Management and she wants to attend OJT here in hotel in Qatar. I just want to get your opinion if the hotels here in Qatar accepting student from the Philippines. Thanks!

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By anonymous• 4 years 2 months ago.
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i think they will accept but better to inquire directly to HR dept. ofcourse they are not willing to spend for airfare and processing fees just for a trainee. just try.

By sabelites• 4 years 2 months ago.

thanks for your reply!we are the one will provide the airfare and processing fee, we just only want my daughter with us..

By womanpower• 4 years 2 months ago.

how much is the basic salary for a commis chef in qatar?

is 1600 qatari riyal enough?

with accommodation, airfare, visa processing, transept and food

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