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Potential job seekers need to be aware that as per the Qatari Labour Law, the employer’s permission (an Exit Permit) is required to leave Qatar. As per the Qatar sponsorship laws, an employee intending to change from one sponsor to another should obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). The employees should note that the sponsor is not obliged to give an NOC. But, without an NOC, the employee will have to face a two-year ban and will not be able to return to Qatar during the two-year ban.

However, there are talks currently, about the two-year ban period being changed to six months this year. Further, it is likely that the Qatar sponsorship situation owing to 2022 World Cup is likely to bring in some major changes to the ban period.


is this new???

I think he just woke up to reality in Qatar. Good morning to you.

He just woke up after sleeping for DONkey Years :)

approve them ha ?

Welcome back from Mars, KKumar, how was the stay?

kkumar, Are you NEW in Qatar who just came to know all these things. Funny!

"However, there are talks currently, about the two-year ban period being changed to six months this year"

Yeah, that's what everyone said in January 2011, and January 2010.

Why do people still insist on spreading this rumor?

Until it happens, there is no point speculating.

Haha!! Nice :) Hibernating period..

They will Change the 2 year ban to 5 Year Ban...............LOL

And they will keep your passport!

But its ok because .....BOURNE is coming ............

And they will publish your picture in the newspaper when you exit..

new labor law!!!

wake up Sid...

expecting and being positive is good in life, but in qatar u have till 2022 for this rule to be implemented

I remember reading this before 3 years ... LOL

"However, there are talks currently, about the two-year ban period being changed to six months this year."

Rumors... this was the same rumor before the 2006 Asian Games and still the rumor until now.

What I am sure of is after the 2006 Asian Games the family RP salary requirement went up from QR4,500 to QR7,500 and now it is QR10,000

wheres the new labour law mentioned by you? care to post the link?


catchy title.... got me too :P

I thought its really a new rule!!.. I heard that long time...

Its old!..


sad to say...they are just that...rumours...

Look at all these rumours surrounds me everyday...I need sometime...sometime to get away from...(humming that 80's song)...

this is mentioned in

Mr. Kumar has copied & pasted the same...this is on the website since Jan nothing new in that


yes, if blood relative or spouse is here... but u cant work at all

if the law change... economy will collapse... lol...

If my contract will finish in Sept, but the employer wants to terminate in Aug, can the employer do that without a reason? According to the employment contract, the employer can terminate my contract if my performance is not up to standard. However, my performance has always been good. Any advice please? In the contract, it does not state anywhere that the employer can terminate my contract earlier than the specified date.

So when your contract of employment wends in September, they can cancel your visa and you will have to leave within 7 days from the date of cancellation.

It is also stated in the Labour Law that the employer can terminate an employee with notice.

Just ask if they will give you NOC.


The amount of flames for someone trying to give some news which he tot was new... as if he's done a serious crime.

I kind of remembered just recently when people were posting of pork that's going to be sold and the same kind of remarks like old news, heard it since umpty years, etc.

And finally it did came.

kkumar, thanks for the news. Anyway, what I heard is the total abolishment of the NOC due to the constant presuure from UN which is expected next year if not this year.

But of course, there are many here who have heard this news some 10 years ago.

Following on my previous question, I should have 15 days annual leave in early Aug. Now I will leave in Aug instead of Sept. Then what will happen to my 15 days annual paid leave?

Does it mean that I cannot enjoy my 15 days leave before I leave the company? or can i request the company to pay me salary for the 15 days instead taking the leave if I leave in Aug.

My contract states that I will have 15 days holidays after so many months service in the company, that is early Aug.

Would Azilana 7037 or other labour law folks advise please?

i want to go in qatar labor so that i will complain but i dont know the address?

my first sponsor provided me an NOC to transfer to other company,do you think I can also obtain an NOC in my present employer?

Some f*&kin$ cheap expact company owners dont like any changers.

they are worst than locals..

ronaldg you must get it if you obtain it from previous spnsor

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