Qatar Foodies

If you love good food and live in Qatar then this group will definitely be of your interest. What to expect in this group : Qatar Restaurants ' reviews Information about New found Restaurants/Eateries in Qatar Secret recipes from home kitchens of those unsung chefs living in Qatar Information about availability of specific food ingredients and food festivals in Qatar And of course, those lovely Food Photographs !!!


  • Elevating Salad

    Q foodies!

    Is your daily lunch salad getting too boring for your funky taste buds? Your solution is to simply elevate your salad. Its so easy and it instantly makes your side dish a main one.


    Elevation steps-


  • Pizza Muffins/Cupcakes Recipe

    Pizza Muffins or Pizza Cupcakes?

    Been ages writing here again.

    Here's another one of my experiements that I tried out in the kitchen, inspired by a Buzzfeed Tasty video that I saw.

    The concept is simple. It's pretty much the same way that you would normally prepare for pizza.

    Things you would need:

    - Pizza Dough
    - Pizza Sauce
    - Toppings of choice (I used boiled & mashed chicken, chopped bellpeppers, chopped tomatoes, chopped olives and lots of mozarella cheese)
    - Muffin tray


  • Dema's classic chocolate chunk cookies

    8 Tips to perfecting your homemade cookies

    Do your homemade cookies come out hard? Too soft? Too sweet? Dry up the next day? Well fret no more; you have come to the right place.


  • Loaded Nachos - Spain

    Hello from Qatareatz

    Hello fellow foodies! I am Deema aka @qatareatz on Instagram, and I will be sharing some interesting food-related posts here. I am currently a student in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar studying Business/Finance, however my interests lie elsewhere.